The Wolf Among Us


Has anyone played this yet? I just finished ep 1 and the game blew my mind.


Mine too!

Especially since I read the comics so the end reveal is a bit OMGWHAT.

While I’m not sold on the story yet of course (only the first part after all) but the interface and gameplay seem to flow better than in The Walking Dead.


This game piqued my interest when I saw it was telltale and based on fables. The 25 dollars covers all the episodes right? How long was ep1?


i’d say it’s 2 hours tops. For what it’s worth though i will say this… I enjoyed every second of it, lol.




Saw my dad play it, and it looks cool. Will probably wait for a sale like I did with the Walking Dead though.


Ep1 will probably take you an hour and a half or an hour. Dont get me started on that ending, though i do have an extremely baseless, and biased theory.
And now some thoughts

  1. There also seems to only really be 3 decisions that effect anything in a major way.
  2. The fighting system is a bit more involved, though it is a complete curveball the first time because it doesnt tell you shit. You’re liable to fuck up the first fighting QTE.
  3. The dodge command with the analog stick seems to be a little non responsive at times.
  4. Visuals are noticeably better than in the walking dead
  5. I love and hate the fact that one of the decisions will introduce to you a decision that you will most likely use human logic for, but Fable logic proves that you were wrong. Its almost unfair in a way because[details=Spoiler] The decision you make decides the fate of what could be a major witness/suspect, and you dont really know that until its too late.[/details]

Now for my baseless biased theory, dont open unless youve seen the ending to ep1.

[details=Spoiler] 1. I think that Faith and Snow White might not actually be dead and someone with access to very powerful magic kidnapped them, OR, 2. the person who killed them has access to very powerful magic.
For both of these, I am uncertain until i can ask the magic mirror about snow white

  1. The reason i think that Faith and Snow might not be dead is simply because i dont want them to be. Also Faith said the phrase “These lips are sealed” many, many times. On top of that, when trying to view Faith(Not sure if it would show you the body or the head) the magic mirror repeats the same phrase. So either Faith is trying to become invisible to the fable community for some reason, or someone murdered her and placed a spell to stop the magic mirror from viewing her corpse all while making it seem like an effect of whatever bullshit faith had going on with that phrase.

  2. Pretty much the same as above in regards to the ending parts, but i am unsure of this as well. My uncertainty will be cured upon talking to the magic mirror in episode 2. I plan to ask the mirror about Snow White. I did it once and Snow was shown to me no problem, even though she was in the same room. Regardless, the mirror could show her to me. If I ask him in episode 2, and Snow cant be shown to me, that means either somebody murdered her and is placing spells to prevent the discoveries of the victims bodies, or somebody kidnapped Snow and Faith, and is placing the same spell in order to prevent them from being found. As to how somebody could be producing the hyper realistic decapited heads of those two is beyond me. But i do know for a fact being dead doesnt stop the mirrors all seeing eye, as you could see the Old King, even though he was dead. So either whatever Faith has going on fucks up the mirror, or the one behind all this stuff has some top tier magic in their pocket.

Who it could be:

  1. I do think the killer/kidnapper could potentially be an ugly person with a vendetta against the beautiful, since Faith and Snow were rather attractive. Thats two lookers knocked off back to back. It could be a coincidence but i wont be sure until see a 3rd victim. That ugly person could either be a jealous female, or male who doesnt get much. Stereotypical i know but I dont have much to work with.

  2. It could also be somebody trying to frame bluebeard, or it could be bluebeard himself. This is simply from the fact that the way they were killed matches how bluebeard decapitated his lovers/brides/whatever. The book of fables claims Bluebeard is trying to turn over a new leaf and that his murderous days are behind him, but he certainly is no saint, and old habits die hard. Bluebeard is the only fable who made it out with his wealth as well, and he could very well hire others to do things for him, such as Tweedle Dee and Dum, with the kind of money he has laying about. Though the boss of those two is uncertain. Bluebeard is seemingly important to those in charge of the fable community due to his bank roll, and could be getting a case of “Im important, rich, and get away with whatever i want.”

  3. It could be Tweedle Dee and Dum that killed them, but they claim to be working for somebody. So at the end of the day even if it was them, we still need the one who hired them for unspecified deeds.

  4. It could be the woodsman but he’s really low on my list. At the bar he seemed very resentful and broken up over so much as hitting faith. I dont think he has the heart to knowingly kill somebody. I think he only is capable of killing if he gets blackout drunk, and a very violent subconcious takes the helm. But that seems too convenient of an excuse, im not putting much stock into it.

  5. If there is something much larger at play, I find it very likely Ichabod Crane could be at the top of the scheme. He seems very dismissive about fables being killed, and eager to point the blame towards others. As to why he would be green lighting murders with evidence on public display. im not certain. Snow claims that he refuses to concern himself with the lower rank and file of the fables, and it could be he just wants to thin them out due to them being something of an annoyance to him. It would also be a very convenient cover of “Why would I have somebody killed, and then have the head put on my doorstep?”. The only issue with that, is that Snow was one of the victims. She is not part of the lower rank and file. If ichabod is at the top of this supposed scheme, something went terribly wrong. Either that or Snow seen, found, or heard something she shouldnt have, and she needed to be silenced. Snow says Cran has a lot of backroom dealings with important fables. Maybe she found some dirty little secret about these backroom meetings?

  6. My biggest stretch. It could be as simple as the fact the King Cole is out of town. There might be somebody who knows they couldnt get away with this kind of stuff while the king is in town, and used his absence as the opportunity to do as they please and stir things up a bit. Problem is i have no idea who King Cole is in this universe, since ive never read any of the fables comics. We’ll see sooner or later.

  7. I really dont think it is Prince Lawrence, or Faith’s pimp. Lawrence seemed too pure of heart to be killing people, let alone his girlfriend. The pimp just seems unlikely. He seems way too small time.[/details]

This game got me thinking like an actual detective though. Im at work thinking shit to myself like “What did i miss? Why would that person do these things? What would their motive be? Was their reaction just a front? Could there be something bigger at play? Who would they get next? Did I make the wrong decision?”


Can’t WAIT for episode 2.


Oh btw, I played it on PC and the fight sequences were intuitive to me.

*takes a sip


Dont be that guy who starts that discussion.

On console, it takes a second to figure out which analog stick you move to a certain area before you press a button.


I just finished episode 1 and I have a theory who the killer is.


In many of the scenes there is a guy with red hair like he is seemingly following you around. If you look at the silhouette in the taxi cab, it is the same one. This also makes sense as Snow White is killed after taking the cab home presumably. If you look at the tie the red haired man is wearing, it has crooks on it. I believe this is the boy who cried wolf and he for some reason is either trying to get revenge at Wolf or part of something bigger. This is all theories at this point, but it seems to make logical sense.


I was under the impression chapter 2 was supposed to drop end of November, but apparently Walking Dead Season 2 is behind as well.

I love Fables and playing a detective story as the Big Bad Wolf was everything I ever wanted after reading the first trade paperback.


I think 2 walking dead episodes were a month late as well. As long as they come out every month, or every other month, I’m fine with it.


I still don’t seem to remember any redhaired characters though. might just have to play ep1 again maybe !


And the dvd is scratched!


Anyone read the comic book series? I think I’m on volume 13 or something. Definitely a good read and I would definitely hanky panky with Snow White.


Their is trust me, you just do not notice him unless you are really looking or just happen to notice him in a couple of different places like I did. First time I remember noticing was outside Ichabode Crane’s office.


The 13th trade is where I left off as well. I’ve read bits and pieces since then, the series is in an interesting place now that’s for sure.

Tangentially related, after reading both Cinderella’s miniseries, I want to see her in more of everything. I love how nearly all of her information in the Book of Fables in game was redacted. That was a nice touch.


I know who you are talking about now. It’s the guy you see in the hallway when snow is dragging you out the apartment. He’s not a suspect tho because at the end of episode 1 you get to see a list of suspects and that guy is not there. Who knows though i could be wrong.

Here is the trailer for Episode 2 , enjoy !


Good to know that Episode 2 is coming out soon! Damn, I wish I had $15 on me to buy the season pass.