The Word of God

i’ve been playing 3s for quite some time now, and up to this day i’m STILL not 100% certain as to what Gill is saying when He performs “Acension”.

His voice is too powerful for the human mind to comprehend. is there any1 out there that can decipher the tounge of such omnipotence?

i’ve managed to freeze His start-up animation with my own super and cought somethin like:

G-Files 1:1

“Let Me be [inaudiable] [inaudiable] souls” (??)

i can barely hear any anything cuz the charater is too busy being “Saved”(more like losing3/4 of their energy)
if u ppl know anything, let me know.

have u accepted Gill as your Lord and Savior?

Let me be the blesser of all souls.

Yeah i dunno either, I think he says “Let me be your saviour”

i think

“Let me lead you”

jesus christ has never kicked so much ass, too bad the jews own him for free

Here’s the clip.

wow cool i guess i could never hear it cus of the music going on and the massive block/hit damage of my character dying.


The true saviour is Jesus Christ who is God manifested in the flesh. And without his atoning sacrificial blood there are no forgiveness of sins, but eternal condemnation. That is the TRUE Word of GOD!

Gill wipes the floor with the bastard jew.

I’m suprised the japs got away with idea and makin’ this jew bastard character

Wrong, pal.

The word of God is… God. The end.

as u can tell by the final stage intro Gill is with the KKK.


Remember Japan is not an overwhelmingly Christian country.

lol tchia saying that while he owning you
saviour my butt