The World Ends With You....iPhone remake. Burn to the ground Square


A thread for the last great RPG Square created. Can I hope that they’re finally making a new TWEWY game? Or is it business as usual with Square and it’s just a lazy remake, we’ll find out in T-5 days


I for one cant wait for this, this game is the only reason Ill buy a 3DS.

Also Sho better be in it somehow, I dont care if its a flashback, alternate universe, etc. He just better be in it somehow.


I really really really hope they don’t screw up the sequel. When was the last time Square made an appropriate legit sequel?


Honestly I think a prequel would work better, but I wouldnt mind a sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.


I still remember what Square did to Chrono Trigger and KH. Who knows what will this game be?


Yeah, I’m worried too. This was one of my favorite DS games and I will keep an eye on this, but Square has been horrible lately…


What did they do to CT? It’s the best version of CT available…

Anyways I’m hype to get a sequel to one of the best rpg’s I’ve ever played, and as an aside I hope real time action becomes the standard for rpg’s in general. Maybe it has something to do with me getting older but turn based combat is just boring to me now.

Edir: Oh you meant CC…well CC is about as good as CT to me, but yeah confidence in Square these days is about as high as Bush’s approval ratings towards the end of his second term.


Chrono Cross is a great game bro


I still have the original sealed…shame on me.


HAHAHAHA, that game… is not even worthy of being called a chrono game


I just liked this post for your avatar, really.

The original TWEWY was brilliant. I haven’t fucked with JRPGs in years, yet this game had me actively getting into fights because the battle system was so awesome. It did so many things right while feeling so fresh and original… Loved the soundtrack, the characters, the setting… just amazing.

That and the Another Day sidequest was hilarious… Must resist emo urges…

Don’t fuck this up, Square. DON’T.


The best surefire way for this not to disappoint is to let Edios do it. It’s the only part of Square that hasn’t been crap this generation


Keep it sealed
sell it in 20 years
Get moniez


It’s not often games have such an incredible artistic vision like TWEWY-- the music, art, story, battle system, etc are all amazing. It’s kind of a self-contained story though, how would they make a sequel? Using the same cast would be a mistake. Even if this is a 3DS remake, I’ll totally still play it again



I never got the black planet from the sewer frogs. They’re vulnerable to only a specific type of attack plus there are different types of frogs with different weaknesses. I don’t know, the Pegaso build was always enough to obliterate anything in the game.


Picking this up if they do remake it or make a sequel. Easily one of the most fun DS games I played earlier on.




I loved Chrono Cross’ soundtrack, the story is interesting, and the battle system is unique enough that I enjoy it, but I can’t play the game anymore. It puts me to sleep every time.

TWEWY is probably one of the best original Squeenix games that’s come out in the last 12 years, if not THE best. I would play that over every other game under their label in a heartbeat.


Let me break it down.

Story is convoluted, and at times makes its self more complex then it has to be. 90% of the characters have little or no back story at all compared to chrono trigger. Everyone’s background story is explained in chrono trigger and makes sense. Theres no real sense of danger or real threat in cross till the ending. Lynx isnt even a real threat compared to the final boss. Crossing over dimensions is nothing compared to fucking up time. Chrono Trigger everything you do in time effects everything that will happen later on. Cross? No one cares or asks why. The final boss makes no sense. Lavos gave magic too humans, so why would he get more powerful by merging with a human? Shit makes no sense, and if he time devourer why are we going a crossing dimensions? Wouldn’t it make sense to time travel?

As the gameplay, its pretty mediocre compared to chrono trigger. Everyone can use the same magic, which is dumb. Why not just make all the fucking characters the same. Double teams and triple teams are hardly in the game at all. A lot spells are the same since everyone uses the same fucking shit. Serge, Kid, Lyinx are the only characters most people will care about. Chrono trigger every character is important, even the side characters, and NPCs. Thats how good fucking chrono trigger is


Clinging to CT as some bastion of great story telling and characterization while berating CC for it’s lack of such is like a UMVC player making fun of AE for having large input windows. Both CT and CT have their share of plot inconsistencies and shallow characters, deal with it. As for the game play, well I’ll take a combo system that at least tries to make it a bit more fun over the generic turn based system any day.

I love both games but let’s not favoritism blind objectivism.