The World’s most polite anti-government protestors


Hong Kong, the only Chinese populated region in China that was spared the communist rule thanks to the British, has begun fighting back the mainland communist government that was slowly but steadily creeping their way into Hong Kong’s politics in recent times. Somehow they have proved themselves to be the most polite anti-government protestors in the world. Civilians now run the streets but there’s yet to be any smashed cars, broken-into shops, or any form of violent confrontation except for the ones initiated by the police who were taking “safety measures” as they like to put it. In fact, people are picking up litter/cleaning the streets as they go along, setting up food and first aid stands for the protestors, putting up apology slips for owners of any damaged objects, and one kid allegedly sheltered a police in the rain with his umbrella while he wore a rain coat.

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they were a lot of em outside the chinese embassy in London, chinese trolls turned off the lights and pretended nobody was home, true story.


I would faint and shit myself if anything like that happened in Amurica.


destroying property and general lawlessness during times of protest/riot is as american as apple pie. whats the point of protesting (or celebrating your local sports teams championship) if you can’t loot and break the windows of local business?


Fact check: Macau was also spared from Communism by Portugal.


Like OMG why aren’t these orientals making me my new god damn iphone, jesus!!!


Hahhah, I saw the pic with the guy holding an umbrella for a cop from one of my friends. They’ve been nothing but classy here so far. Virtually no damage and certainly no violence. They’re even making sure to recycle. :stuck_out_tongue: Hell, I had to hit up Causeway Bay today, and everything was perfectly civil.

I rarely post, but I’ll do it to support this. Here’s some awesome footage someone got of the protesters via drone. Keep in mind this was just one location out of several where people were protesting.

But sadly the mainland seems intent on using “Beijing tactics” to get try and sort people out, i.e. bullshit thuggery.

BREAKING: at 4pm, a group anti-occupy people seen wearing blue ribbon started instigating conflicts in Causeway bay. A female student was pushed to the ground and when she was helped by a female police officer, voices among the crowd screamed out sexist comments; one of them is ‘you should expect sexual harassment should you choose to be a protesters’.

In Mong Kok, blue ribbon anti occupy group also started instigating conflicts with the protesters. They not only destroyed the tents and slogans, but also chasing after the protesters with physical threat. The police separated the two groups 10 minutes after what happened. One of the blue ribbon anti occupy people was allowed passage through and screamed, ‘the protesters will be responsible for any bloody incident should they choose to stay!’.



It’s the same shit they use to bully and subdue their own people. What a load of crap.


Video of said thuggery in action:

Beating up school kids is apparently also okay.

Seriously, fuck that noise. Spread the word about these shitty scare tactics in what’s otherwise been a peaceful protest.


Happened to be there on monday and it looked nothing like european/US riots. Everything was so calm.
Too bad all public transports like mrt or buses to central were closed and this kinda ruined my day and had me leave for the airport way to soon.


There is also Macau


Makes me feel bad for being an american honestly


Those using dumb people bully tactics to pacify hong kong will just bring more power to the protesters

Hong Kong is not china, They have manners.


I see you Tekno Virus. This entire thread is like a summoning circle for yo ole yellow fever ass.


Seriously that girl on left… looks like she takes care of business. You know what that is. Waifu Material.



Man people are entirely ahistorical with their claims; China is not communist, and they never really were communist or socialist despite having had a revolution which resembled the Russian revolution.

The students were protesting against social inequality, but had no real demands (indicated by their illusions in the “Chinese Communist Party”).


Anything like this won’t get at the roots of problems that are relevant in this regard.


No, they were not. They were protesting for “genuine” democracy. I thought everyone knows that already by now.


Really? The single party in power and the only one that can be in power China is called, verbatim, the China Communist Party, and they’re not communist.

This has to be the worst trollbait ever.


“Struggle for democracy in progress, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”
“Walk an extra mile today, for a better Hong Kong tomorrow.”


Actually, they’re pretty much “communist” in name only. It’s pretty much a capitalist paradise for anyone who has money and connections.