The worm is turning

more depth

more to learn


-‘Mortal Kombat 2010’


removing the learning curve

joke characters

-SF4 (and beyond)

It might just be lip service, but you had me at “hardcore”, Mr Boon! :lovin:

But you completely avoid the frank borrowing of ideas and mechanics straight from SF4.

Sir, are you stupid.

In before someone states that MK’s super meter fills by taking damage (outside of doing special moves), aka a comeback mechanic

I do like mortal kombat to be fair…is that blasphamy on these threads?

i enjoy the characters and the gratuitous gore…so if they want to improve it by ripping off street fighter style…fair play.

While this is technically true, being able to build meter by doing special moves actually makes it more like a general fighting game super meter. Most fighting games these days will build you some meter when you take damage.

The thing about ultras in SF4 is that the only way to charge it, is to get hit in the mouth. If you can charge it by doing specials, if you’re beating your opponent’s ass, Then you both have your Super (X-Ray). It’s not necessarily optimal, of course… But it’s not really an Ultra, other than it’s funky animated presentations.

Also, the meter is used for other things. So maybe the opponent wastes his meter trying to burst. Which gets him out of pressure, but now he has only 1 bar of meter. And the other guy has his X-Ray.

Just saying.


Seriously. “More depth/hardcore” than the recent MK games is like “sweeter smelling industrial waste”. A laudible goal, but hardly a high bar.

Well considering how rockem sockem robots had more depth as a fighting game then previous MK games, I’m a little skeptical. It does look like they’re taking mechanics from other fighting game, which could be good or bad if they just copy paste it. Who knows how this’ll turn out o_o

This game and God of War are the two most over rated piles of american shit ever created. They get insane amounts of praise from 17 year olds who thinks its cool because its violent and no girl ever kissed them.

I like the vid of the fatality where that chick knocks that other dude’s block off.

It’s such a shame because imho the MK franchise has such an awesome universe and I really like the dark and gritty feel. As mentioned above, however, the franchise has continued to play like a wet sack of shit time all throughout it’s history. I often feel that the “game” portion of a MK title is just an empty shell to be able to show off lots of blood and gore, leaving something to be desired about the fighting engine.

edit. Just watched it again. Does look fcking awesome, doesnt it? :D. Sektor juggles ftw. Also, it looks like the X ray moves are not able to be combo’d into? Maybe too early to call, but it’s a good thing I think. If MK is going to be borrowing shit from SF4, they should also take into consideration the enormous amount of criticism the game has received on it’s many, many flaws.

Don’t put down MK games too harshly. in their own right they have…

A: More accessible gameplay. they’re easy to pick and play. this makes it a good game to play vs friends who are not into fighting games, spouse, siblings etc.
B: The gameplay is more fun.
C:better characters.
D:better humour
E:more artistic, and creative visuals and story (imo)

What the games do lack though is a solid competitive fighting engine. But they’re western made franchise. So not suprising. Japanese>USA/EU when it comes technical fighting games. GOW just like MK is a lot of fun, but not as technical as DMC or NG. So I’m not expecting MK to have as much depth as the SF franchise. But I’m it’s still going to be a blast to play the game. And definitely got more hype for this game than I have for MVC3.


MK easily has the most film-adaptable plot line of any fight-game franchise (maybe except for the ‘Southtown’ strand of AoF/FF). Just look at that Tancharoen fella did with a mere $7.5k on a 2-day shoot recently. Made ‘Legend of Chun Li’ look like a bad YouTube mock-up!

Nash out! :coffee:


Where, pray tell, do you think Crapcom got the idea for ‘supers’ then?.. Their own accessibility obsessed pea-brains?! :wtf:

coughArtofFighting**cough* *

‘08 new dawner’ - confirmed. :rolleyes:

Grammar fail.

How does that relate to anything that is the subject of this thread. You are comparing Mortal Kombat to SF4.

epic troll xd so randumb

this game honestly looks a lot better than i thought it would. i was definitely hating on it before but it doesnt look bad.

I’m hype for this, I don’t care. I stopped playing MK after 4 came out. The whole 3D looked cool at the time but when you actually played it, it just wasn’t what you remebered. Hell after MK2 I think most people would agree it started going down hill. (fuck that akward run button!)

lol @ the people complaining about blatantly ripping of SF4. Are we really going to try and make something out of that? really? gimme a fucking break. If you played any of the recent MKs then you should be praying that they do their best to jack everything possible from SF4, mainly the decent fighting game engine part of it. EX moves, Ultras, Assists, w/e won’t remind you of SF4 at all if the game still plays like a sloppy tijuana whore.

I’m genuinely excited for this, it seems like the right time for them to reintroduce MK and get back to basics again.

Now all we need is Killer Instinct 3 and the holy trinity from the golden age of arcades will be complete.

Fuck yeah! Sektor juggles for days bitches! God damn I hope they kept his trash compactor fatality.

But Mortal Kombat has been:

Since UMK3

And Street Fighter has been:

Since SF2: WW

Now they’re both (hopefully) shifting somewhere more towards the middle

This is the american game developer mindset

“Japan did something good (SF/Devil May Cry) let’s rip off the idea dumb it down for americans and add tons of gore(MK/God of War)!!!” and dumb americans lap that shit up.


I don’t wanna say that video removed all doubt, but it pretty much guarantees a buy from me. That assist system is STRAIGHT out of MVC2 xD