The Worst and BEST show in America is back! Jersey Shore Season 3 Thread!

Yea yea I know this show is terrible how do I watch this shit? I don’t know, but I find it funny.

10 min preview of season 3.


Jersey Shore New Year’s Eve Sneak Peek | Video | MTV

this link is bogus for anyone outside the us. I’m unable to wacth these beaners in my region =[

i hear like only one of them is italian. good show though

fist pumping in the air

Yea sorry, I tried finding it on youtube, but evil old Viacom had it taken down. Don’t blame me blame MTV for being gay.

Can’t wait.

Grenade Whistle!

As much as this show get’s hated on it’s still a well made show. It’s basically a no bullshit soap opera for all audiences.

What is this show about other than big Italian douche bags, and plastic surgery patients?

What other show in world gives you grenades, landmines, GTL, DTF, FTD, GFA, GFF, IFF, DTS, and most importantly


This show makes me think that maybe Hitler was right and should have gone after Mexicans, Americans, and general white people.

I think its entertaining. I mean, its a bunch of ignorant young adults doin what they know how to do. Just goes to show you, not only black n hispanic 18-25 yr olds be on some outrageous stuff.

Just like Jerry Springer…because real life sucks REALLY


lol, Deena looks like a blast in a glass

Duhhh I took care of the tags when I made this thread!

Hahaha. Ronnie was about to beat that ass, i gotta watch this season. I don’t think Deena was a good addition, but she was the right addition.

goddamn you all -___-

Yep. I’ll be watching this season.

/fist pumps

I understand why so many people find JS entertaining real talk these guys are exactly the type you want to go out with but never be friends with. The club scene gets old quick when you go out literally every night and it looks like that’s all they do. However if they had hobbies it wouldn’t be as entertaining to watch:rofl:

How much of the ass they get is attributed to them being famous and how much of it is attributed to their actual “game”? =P

/fist pumps shits gonna be so gdlk lmao I can’t wait, dunno if they can top last season though loool shit was gold.

BUMP cause that dude from the south bump the wrong thread. Yea I am talking about you mr black man that don’t like baseball… =)

BITCH FIGHT! :wow: :rofl:

Damn this show is jokes.