The Worst CvS2 tourney. CTF 7/9/05

CvS2 had 6 people

1st: Sanford Kelly
2nd: Nick T.
3rd: Master Chibi

Next time I’ll post up announcements for the tourney at CF since people didnt know.

GGs everyone…it was fun playing many different people I guess but MAN…I am bad at this offline…I was fuckin up everywhere :rofl:

Good tourny
Sanford’s Ken > **?

Master Chibi:
OMG lol…I just found a pic of Andy Milonakis with Fat Joe in his living room playing the game Operation. LOL

Man, that tourney was pretty meh. If anything it should have started a lot later seeing as how there were more people later on in the evening.

Master Chibi and his damn Haomaruh. Good God. Damnit. I still can’t believe that Haomaruh stuff still works with the poking and random throw. But meh, I sucked seeing as how I haven’t laid a hand on that game in so long. My RC was so off. Oh well, I picked up some new stuff.

And Snaaaaake: Gotta quit that Xbox live shit man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if there are less than 8 people at the next tourny, it’s pretty much been decided that it’s going to be round robin. Makes the tourny more “beefy” I guess.


It was alot of fun.



man next time i go to cf i have to ask who’s an SRKer…

me and a friend were going to go, but he got punished for whatever he did the day before. I’ll definitely try to be at the next one.

Did I play against you in a casual? I used K Blanka/Geese/Sagat R2.

I was the kid in the blue and white striped polo shirt who used C Blanka/Vega/Bison.

Teams used

C Ken/Chun/Sagat r2

Nick T.:
A Blanka/Sakura/Bison r2

Master Chibi:
K Hoahmaru/Vega/Blanka r2

Haha next time we have a CF tourney, bring index cards with your SRK name on it and tape it onto whatever you’re wearing that day.

BTW, how would you guys feel about a 3S tourney?? Maybe i should add that into my next tourney thread.

Word. I’ll go get an index card right now. :rofl:

ST tourney one of these days anyone?

If enough people come I’ll hold anything, I’ll leave MVC2 to Syndicate cuz they know what theyre doing.

I can hold:

It would be good to see you at CF again.

Word, and ST tourney would be hot :clap:

Okay, I was talking to ShinNeoSnake and we decided to throw everything(CvS2, 3s, ST) the weekend after evo. So thats August 20th.

I’ll type up a quick rule list.

$5 Entry
2/3 Games Per Match
3/5 Finals
RCing Allowed
No Game Freezing Glitches
Winner MUST Keep Order Of Characters

$5 Entry
2/3 Games Per Match
3/5 Finals

$5 Entry
2/3 Games Per Match
3/5 Finals
Akuma is Banned

For All Games:
Winner keeps their character(s).
Loser may change their character(s).

If Infinite wants to throw Marvel/RF2 the same weekend then we’ll do all games the same day. :slight_smile:

I think u guys should thorw it before evo for pratice.

who from ny is actually going to evo?

Don’t people usually head out to evo a week ahead of time to get local comp?