The Worst CvS2 tourney. CTF 7/9/05

i am from nj and i am going to evo

but i’m not going a week ahead of time that’s mad cash for rooming evn tho i am not paying anything for rooming

nick t getting second? No wonder its the worst cvs2 tourney ever

Some more things.

Switching of supers is allowed between games.

STFU rob ur too much of a bitch to say anything to my face. Just cut the bs and stop.

neither do you whats your point

i’m just telling it how it is, any tournament where you get 2nd must of been the worst tournament ever

kinda sad how much you know about the game but can’t apply any of it

The reason why I never say anything is because I never start any shit with anyone. You’re the one thats always going into random threads talking shit to people that couldn’t give a shit less about you but when the time comes to say anything in person, where are you? Just stfu.

nick does have a solid point rob, for some reason you always talk shit to people who you know are way too humble in person to actually bring it up to you or anyone else. maybe if you spent more time practicing and being more laid back u’d eventually win a break tournament being that u go to every single one of them. you arent the only one who cant win tournaments with less than 7 entrants (jk nick lol =])

this is infinite

a)its a whack idea cuz to many games on one day doesnt work out good at all.
b)5$ entry is poor and doesnt attract good out of state players cuz they do win enought or get shit for 2nd and 3rd.doesnt matter how many people enter
c)cvs2 and 3s have low to none turn outs same for st so its alot of waisted time.

huh? i won a couple mvc2 tournaments and bunch of cvs2 and a ggxx once but ok. and i live like a block from the break and thursday is a boring night, why wouldn’t i go? i get to see my friends and play some games, then it leaves the weekend free to do things with my girl or family.

but every week is a stretch maybe every other. i used to go every week but thats because i was running the tournaments so of course i have to be there every week or i’d get fired.

i’d say something to nick t but

a) i have no idea who he is or what he looks like in person, if someone would point him out to be me i’d be more than happy to make fun of him to his face

b) i don’t want to make him cry and it’d be embarassing cause then people might find out and i don’t want to do it to the kid, no one deserves that

c) I’ll admit I’m scared, he seems like he has mental problems and I have read about the “retard strength” and I think one haymaker from him and I’d be out for days because mentally challenged people like him don’t have that thing in their brain to limit their strength, like people on LSD.

Oh i’m not talking shit, I was perplexed when I saw the thread title, I was like how is this the worst CVS2 tourney ever, then I saw you got 2nd and I was like oh that must be why, then I heard you got OCV’ed 4 times in the finals and I was like ahhh, so I just posted that to clear it up incase people didn’t understand why it was the worst CVS2 tourney ever. So it wasn’t random hate, the title was just vague and now I understood and was explaining it for people incase they were confused too.

Did you get 2nd with Akuma’s semi infinite trap??

Rob Sigley

Nobody can beat Sigley in games or in life.

What’s that make me for getting third Sigley?

I almost beat Sanford both times I played, but noone bothered to pay attention. Close games.