The Worst Joystick Ever


I recently picked up a PS1 “Skream” Twin Stick. This one doesnt have the logo. I mainly got it because it was affordable and seemed like it had a decent design that could facilitate a good case to mod for japanese parts if I wanted. But I was also interested in the joysticks. I noticed the larger ball tops. I found an imgur album and thought the design looked interesting. So I finally got the stick. and I found out quickly the problem with em. lets take a look shall we?

Ok looks pretty normal at first.

Ok! Lets trying moving it.


oh. oh boy. this throw. oh lord… lets take a look under the hood…

wow look at this massive hole needed for aforementioned huge throw… reminds me of something i just dont know what…


alrighty here we go. note the big circular actuator. it reminded me of the spanish joysticks I’ve seen every now and then which sparked my curiosity.
(also note the familiar logo on the switches for people who have modded sticks with chinese parts)


ok its out now!

Now. I have some notes. “LS?..”


More look at. THE MIGHTY THROW.


Expository look of the parts. the spring is ultra stuff. it has to be. because at the base of the stick it has a lot of mass to keep in check.
The shaft is also engraved with chinese symbols and the logo which is slightly neat. also labeled LS… I guess because the shaft is the same width as an LS-32


“But Caleb” I hear you cry “where is the pivot cup???” well


its metal and weird. and sealed in. and slightly spherical.

SO IN SUMMARY: the best way I can describe this stick is if you took a broom stick, put it in a bucket and tried to use it as a joystick. or maybe the 720 arcade joystick if it centered like a normal joystick.
it feels like if you did one SPD (if you could do it fast enough to do a SPD) you could’ve already done a double circle super.

If a kid had this I feel really bad if they had to “git gud” on these things.
and this is coming from a guy who plays with Happ/IL sticks so people think I’m already crazy and even I know this is trash. I have a wide range use of different joysticks. and this is the worst I have seen.


Fascinating. Hope this becomes a challenge thread!


Saaaame lol. but even a “stick” like the Sega Saturn basic stick (the one with the kind big d-pad) is better than this lol


this is a clone of a very old joystick from Japan made by Asahi Seiko

as you can see the legit ones have a microswitch “enclosure” and used older leaf microswitches.

here’s a video of a whole army of them

and assembly picture (lol fuck, you’d think seimitsu joysticks had too many parts)


Aahh… those Asahi Seiko joysticks were very popular around here in the 80’s…good for “Track and field”, also Mappy and Moon Patrol cabs had them installed.


ha thats so sick! learn something new everyday.

It would be seriously awesome if someone made an encyclopedia for joysticks tho such an undertaking sounds impossible


I have to disagree here. Track& Field must be played with buttons only to get the best performance on the game


Buttons and a pencil, sir. Buttons and a pencil.


There’s one version with a square gate and another with a round gate, the square one has a shorter throw and a smaller actuator, I still have mine just for “historical” purposes: