The worst sticks you've ever seen


I felt compelled to make this thread today as I encountered this abomination on a local auction site:

Has anyone seen anything worse than this? If so please feel free to post it.

The Best Sticks you have seen thread


shit sucks hard. Good pcb, though…


I would like to see the morons that design this garbage.


Wow, that 1st one is on par, possibly worse, than the dragonball z one all over Ebay.


The cut in half Blaze mod which is equally the worst and the best mod ever.


The one where the guy melted it in half with a soldering iron?


I found this:


I’m not even sure what that person was going for in that build.


Yea that’s the one LOL!





Whats wrong with the dominator? It has a nice slick look to it. I remember seeing one on a dreamcast forum, Some guy basically took some wood, Cut it in half then cut smaller pieces off it and put them together, Then smash a hole in it for a vmu and put his pcb in it, Not to mention there was a big gaping whole where the stick is. :frowning: Makes me want to fix up my cab real bad.


The man that made that is a monster.

He sacrificed a helpless Pony IV in order to make his MAME cab.

See here


Fuckin waste :frowning:


Had the misfortune of trying to use this a few years back. Cheap sticks are satan incarnate.


Seriously, how do you even get things done with this thing? It must weigh like a pound.


I don’t think we even need to talk about the looks for that. The fact that it is a macro recording pile of goat shit should be reason enough to slate it.

On a serious note; these sticks are fucking terrible. Keep 'em coming! We all need a laugh.


Oh I was just talking from a looks standpoint lol. Keep the sticks coming! :smiley:


That poor defenseless candy cab, torn apart by a madman to create some kind of hideous frankensteinian monstrosity…


Hahah, this is such an awesome thread.

Here’s one I love: Pelican’s Clever Joystick Technology
Just a little under-the-hood love for cheap retail sticks.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it looks like a tower made of garbage. What’s perfect is how the monitor proudly displays the phrase: “RECYCLE IT, DON’T TRASH IT!”

The poor guy, he probably put in so much time/money/effort. I hope he still likes it, at least.

Heck yeah. :rock: