The "wow, they made it even worse" thread

This isn’t when something good starts sucking out of nowhere. This is when a series of anything (products/games/movies/TV shows) reaches the absolute low point. Or, so you think, until the next thing in the series comes out and proves you so wrong.

I’m finding that I have only one example of this: Nip/Tuck. I’ve run that into the ground, so I won’t fill up a page with it again. However, that’s become my lone example for a reason: Nip/Tuck’s black hole of suck destroyed any blind faith I had in creators. When something takes a nose dive, I stop watching/playing until I hear things are good again. I haven’t experienced “snowball-avalanche” suck for myself in a long while. Just heard about it in forums.

But I know some of you have felt this disappointment a lot. After a dud, you had hope that things would get better and they didn’t. Please share your horror stories.


Then FFXIII came out.

Then FFXIV came out.

lol no. FF died officially after X. Ever since then, its a shadow of its former self, and they don’t even seem to know what they want to do with the series, besides make every game focus on summoning and cutscenes, and try to recoup the monumental losses Spirits Within cost them, via Online gaming every 2 games or so.

Fuck guns, fuck evil corporations, fuck end bosses that show up out of nowhere with little or no back story, and fuck the linear ass watered down simplistic gameplay

Evil corporations and empires have been a FF thing since IV or so.

Best FF game was VI anyway /shades

  • Tekken 5/DR > Tekken 6/BR
  • Unleashed > Black Knight
  • Twisted Metal 3 > Twisted Metal 4
  • Last Stand > Origins: Wolverine
  • 2000 > 2012
  • SFxT > SFxT

Playstation 2 > Playstation 3


3s -> sf4

Soul Calibur 2 > Soul Calibur 3.

Actually, Soul Calibur 2 > Most other things :o

Dexter. Ugh. Totally forgot that. Maybe because I was warned and still caught up on it for some reason.

FF 10 was the shit, and to me, along with many other titles, sealed the deal of greatness on the ps2. When the sequel came out, IMO, that’s when FF shit the bed. Yeah the first movie sucked, and the first time they did online sucked, but I think when it came to the soul of Square, they sold it off for a hand job. I mean, the ending for ff 10 maybe gave the player wanting more, but that sequel from what I saw, was fucking garbage and should of just been left an idea and nothing more. Again this is just my opinion, and being that I loved a lot of shit that Square produced when I was a kid and into my teens, I can be assure that Square did themselves in and when Squaresoft became Square Enix that’s it, it’s over.

Dexter turned into a comic on some anime type shit.

4 wants to have a talk with you homie.

I am going with ‘Rescue Me’ anything after season 6. That shit is so ass.

You have to give them some slack for the writers’ strike at the time. It screwed up a lot of TV shows and movies. But yeah N/T had a horrible end for a show that started great. Eden’s dirty mouth was amazing though. Whoever wrote that and picked Anna-Lynne McCord to say it deserves a medal.

Evil corporations and evil empires are two different things. FFIV wasn’t a corporation, V wasn’t, VI wasn’t, VII brought Shinra in, and while it worked, it pretty much opened shit up to lame ass evil ‘corporations’ in future games. IX tried to go back to classic old formulas, but the characters themselves fucking sucked balls.

Add to that the fact that whenever they try to remind people of old final fantasies, they basically oversaturated it (ie- entire fields of fucking chocobos, tons of black mages all looking like FF1 black mages, the same few characters who won’t go away yet are watered down versions of their previous selves like Tonberry, Behemoth, and Weapons). I don’t mind a few throwbacks, but when you base your game off a mediocre storyline that is slowly becoming far too cliched, and a shitton of trips down memory lane, you’re doing it wrong.

I shouldn’t even need to point out that the last FF game was a training mode for the grinding that came out after the end game.

Yeah, that’s true. I honestly don’t remember any of the stories after VII too well, so I should go back and read up. The stories do tend to repeat themselves, though, and I always scratch my head a bit when people praise XIII’s story for being amazing or whatever.

A lot of newer players seem to like that throwback stuff. “Hey, there’s this big robot called Omega that you can recruit for your party! He’s from one of the old FF games, right?” It’s the “Cool because it’s old school” factor (which does work sometimes when it’s done well, but that’s a different topic. Added to that is how certain characters like Mog are in every single freaking game like you said, and people like to see familiar faces.

Almost all of the characters tend to annoy me in the newer games too, and you see the same archetypes repeated.

Also, what happened to FFXIV after the apology/firing everybody on the design team debacle?

I haven’t enjoyed a story since X, and even then it wasn’t that good. Before that, since VII.

I don’t mind the subtle shit that’s been around since the old days (engineer named Cid, occasional moogles and chocobos, etc). Its when they throw so much of it at us, that I get pissed. Sure, I remember black mages. Yeah, they looked cool. No, I don’t need to see 50 of them in every fucking city. It’s like Square keeps saying “hey, new FF game!! Look at all the stuff here that will remind you of when FF games weren’t linear pieces of horseshit with zero challenge whatsoever”.

MW2 > MW3

Would SF3S:OE count towards this too?

Good / Meh/Bad

Super Smash Bros. Melee > Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Zelda The Phantom Hourglass > Zelda Spirit Tracks
Pokemon Heart Gold > Pokemon Black & White
Pokemon Stadium 2 > Pokemon Battle Revolution
Final Fantasy XI > Final Fantasy XIII > Final Fantasy XIV

woah woah woah.

them’s fightin’ words