The Wrestling Thread 2017: Thanks for the great year! New Thread Open!


With Wrestlemania over and the dust settled on RAW and Smackdown its time for a new thread. As long as we are all willing and able this will happen every year.

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…To job at PPVs…***

Aron Rex no longer on Impact…Duh.


Just wanna be on page 1 of a new thread.

Push Zayn!


Itsa new thread yes it is!


As the commisioner of GD, I would like to formaly announce that Kinniku Buster is now in a tag team with hornswoggle and they have Eva Marie as their manager so she can cut all their promos.



1st page! We in there!

On a serious note Goldberg has a podcast?? Since when?


Looking back at the wm entrances

Naomi had the dopest one, followed by bailey, then charlotte


No it was obviously POWAH GEYSER Reigns and Sons of Anarchy HHH…


Just because I do this every new Wrestling thread…

…who else but Asuka?

Zack Ryder is now dating Chelsea Green?


Miz talks about always wanting to do puro in his shoots so I’m glad he’s been given the opportunity to welcome Nakamura onto the main roster with his opening feud.

Barring some kind of Mistico-level fuck-up I think Nakamura will be fine. Vince likely paid a good chunk of change to lure him from a surefire gig in NJPW so he’s going to want to get his money’s worth.


I didn’t realize he and Emma stopped dating.


Since I future endeavoured the other thread, what does that make me?


Vince, obviously.


So Taeler Hendrix is done with ROH and speculation is that she’ll be in the WWE women’s tournament. The more I get to see of her, the better.


Oh yes the Hungry WolfxBig Dog comparison

The burning Knuckle looks so dope

Miz was going to be a young boy in NOAH before wwe did tough enough auditions

If miz didn’t get chosen he would have been in matches with kenta, marufuji, etc

Miz works stiff and ugly like shane.

That black eye aj had due to the shane punches


New thread. Now to come out of lurking and participate again. Sup all.


Also love the rings of saturn being used by neville. I have always loved that move.


My main issue with smackdown last night was why is Luke teaming with Orton? He’s the one that caused the betrayal. Wouldn’t he just end up going right back to Bray with an “I told you so?”