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Half the division is sloppy. Who would you put Paige against that wouldn’t put her at risk?


If you’re to the point where you’re one sloppyish move away from a wheel chair your career is over. It’s not a matter of “who” or “what” but “when”.

Really sucks for her and right before the Women’s Rumble too…
Maybe they can keep her as the talker of Absolution?


That was my point.


The move that ended Paige’s career.


Yes, I was agreeing with you. I’ve given up on direct conversation with the other guy.


When talking about this we need to remember when Goldberg ended Bret Hart’s career with a botched thrust kick. Bret Hart, one of the most bitter men in wrestling (completely justifiably though) and obsessed with safety, did not feel any ill will towards Goldberg about it and compliments him on being a very nice person.


In b4 Spuddy’s alt blames female Samoa Joe…

Ahh… too late…



I think they did kinda rush her in once she was cleared. The loss of body mass would have been a factor too. Dirtsheets are saying she is well liked backstage so hopefully she stays on as a mouthpiece.


I could be wrong, but wasn’t part of what actually caused Bret’s retirement the fact that since he initially thought the injury wasn’t as bad as it was, he kept wrestling matches after that for a while instead of taking time off to let it heal, which led to things becoming a LOT worse?


Bret kept doing nitro and house shows

Fuck after that starrcade match bret had a hardcore match with terry funk and took direct shots to the head with a trash can

The thing about that kick spot is paige is returning from neck surgery. And really it could have been taking one bump. But it was an errant kick from sasha who is tiny and works that soft style but like the rest of the division is prone to sloppiness

It literally could have been anybody

I just think that doing that spot was dumb on both of their parts

Also the girls don’t have the kind of necks that the guys do.

Tyson Kidd suffered the same type of injury that killed misawa in the ring, except he survived and is walking


Bret was in no position to blame Goldberg. He had a concussion when he wrestled that match. I’ll place his career ending injury more on Bret than I do Goldberg.


I’m not sure if you guys have ever been pushed in the back, but whiplash fucking sucks. I’ve been on the receiving end of that as a simple joke, and I blew the fuck up.

a full kick to the back like that is reckless.


It was a reckless move, and it was not a light tap. Usually a spot like that is a kick to the front, not the back. Based on the perspective, it looked like Sasha kicked her right in the spine as well.


That also is not a typical sasha move

When dudes like Minoru Suzuki or ishii work that spot it’s not a direct spine kick. It goes across the back.

That was a reckless spot that she never does. She usually does a dropkick or the double knees to the front.


Technically Bayley did the same move to her previously albeit a bit lighter.
The point people are making isn’t about the move but more or less about borrowed time and shit like that being inevitable sooner or later based on Paige current body wear and tear down.


Paige’s body has been through a lot this year.
She reported that she has been suffering from anorexia following the sex tape leaks. Who knows for how long, or often that has reared it’s ugly head and what damage that did.

But whatever, internet is gonna internet and who cares about context and facts when you can “get” that wrestler you don’t care for?


Going to try and finish ROH final battle tonight since I get off early enough to watch some wrasstlin’.

Either that or catch up on nxt. I’m a few weeks behind


TNA: somehow still alive


It was handed to him…sigh.


TNA can’t do anything right.


Final battle was boring af

Like 2 star city.

But i liked the main event, the tag title match was bullshit

Like seriously sabin no sold a piledriver for heel heat