The Wrestling Thread 2017: Thanks for the great year! New Thread Open!



I support Oneymania…



Give him a shot I guess…


I mean…cool I guess? Fuck Lio Rush.


lololol. from almost being fired to fuck it…throw that nigga in



Remember when the SD women were booked way better then the RAW women…




I hope Lio stays on long enough to get thrown around like a beachball by War Machine while they yell stuff about Michael Elgin. That’s good TV.


It’s happening…IT’S HAPPENING!!!

EDIT: OH come ON!!!


They picked the wrong American Alpha to be Kurt’s illegitmate son. It’s probably for the best in the long run though.


Lio Rush is a shithead and won’t amount to anything because he sucks

I really hope ricochet stays in nxt until he goes to sd.

Almas/Ricochet is a feud that needs to happen.


I’m excited to see Murphy debut…he’s been killing it on the NXT house shows.


I really think that blake and murphy were wasted

But murphy looks pretty dope in his last rub


*I’ll actually check out the tournament then. I loved Murphy’s work in BAMF (underrated heel tagteam) and I think he has a lot of talent. *


The tournament has had really dope matches

Tjp/bate was a technical match with a high pace

Kalisto/Lince was pretty much a pure lucha spotfest that was not what you expect from wwe

Itami/Strong was a noah style stiff fest

Corbin has more chemistry with Owens than AJ did. Really good match, Corbin even had the crowd chanting for him.


Happy Murphy is finally getting something, he’s great.


I love the weigh in lol



…aka Mahabali Shera.