The Wrestling Thread 2017: Thanks for the great year! New Thread Open!


Already have Based Naka written for when he comes and rekt AJ & Bryan.
A stable of Naka, Itami and Asuka would be too lethal too cool.


Do you guys want a new thread sometime tomorrow or next week after the shakeup?


I’ll take the new thread as soon as you can make it.


Good for Paige getting the GM job.
Iconic call ups and Carmella cashing in on Charlotte because they’d rather give Charlotte the win than have Asuka lose to a cash-in for her first loss is not my favorite scenario but it’s the one that bests protects the credibility of the streak so I will live with it.


Yeah, they’ll probably be rebooting/starting new story lines next week anyways.
Would fit in.


This Andre the Giant doc…:sob:



Smackdown is now the “A” show again!!

…untill next week.


Man, I gotta say, Shinsuke is totally best troll, lol.


Carmella and Enzo winning titles before Big Cass…


Holy shit, Smackdown just got ICONIC!

At least they ended the streak properly with a clean match, and not with someone tasering them.

The whole MiTB thing was hanging over the division’s head because Carmella really isn’t main event material at the same level as some of the other wrestlers in the locker room - definitely not at Charlotte or Asuka’s level. Most likely outcome is we’ll see them all in a triple threat at the next PPV.


Chaos was a heel group created by douchebag nakamura

Love seeing heel nakamura wreck shop

Bryan/AJ needed an end like that

Bob Roode needs to turn, and go to raw

Usos/New Day added another classic

Also iconic Duo

Smackdown will change next week

I hope nakamura gets itami and tozawa as his goons. Nakamura creating a chaos stable in wwe needs to happen. Fuck i would team up tozawa/apollo, let itami be the us/ic challenger and just let nakamura lead, throw in asuka

I mean all they would need is a mouthpiece, naka doing well

But man, next week we got drew, cien/zelina, sanity, and others on deck

SD will probably lose Roode, Orton, Fashion police, usos, naomi, dolph, corbin


…yeah… <3

This shit means a lot to me.


Rusev vs Undertaker in a casket match…at the Greatest Royal Rumble event?



If jack has his shit together dude would be great on 205

Angelico is spanish and would be such a great get for wwe

Angelico in nxt


angelico is spanish??? i thought he was a white dude this whole time


WWE is literally going to bury Rusev. This fucking company man.


Mella won, that’s hype. Still hot, fuck the haters.

US Title picture has 2 super boring dudes, 1 dude over on his music and Lord Rusev. Fuck.

Where’s Almas? Hook it up.


The G1 Climax is right there for Rusev. Just saying.


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