The Wrestling Thread: Impact Bound for Glory 10/24

Not sure how I feel about what happened to Braun, not the best way to leave a brand…

They’ll have him come out and power slam someone and pretend like nothing happened.
Nothing matters.

Is he a heel now

I liked that guillotine finish. Roman been doing some mma stuff lately huh.

Roman is the most over guy online just imagine how much the crowds would be popping for him

Jey bringing that real

Love this feud

Roman beat his ass so bad I think he turned face :joy:

Big E need to stop doing that outside dive, dude foot caught the rope. Could’ve broken his neck or killed himself. I like the move and all but nah bruh

Honestly this was a big match

But people doing dives and taking head drops in front of nobody makes no sense

Ibushi proving in the g1 that you can have a 4 star match using just strikes and not doing insane bumps

Seriously the run he has had has been amazing

I want sanada vs ibushi because hot men

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Ibushi getting into a leg kicking battle could play into the finale. As he struggles to achieve the levels of a god

Where yall watching NJPW with English commentary these days? I gotta get back caught up

I got a dark web site lol. Dm me

That ibushi vs taichi kick battle was crazy af

Honestly because evil beat Naito i don’t see him winning the g1.

Sanada vs Ibushi have not had a match since last year which was 4 stars. Having 2 ikemen fight in the g1 will have ladies in the crowd fainting.

So braun said he will get in the gym to prevent a tapout

He could say he is going to work on that aspect of his game. But nope lift more.

I like reigns leaning into mma more with the reallistic elbows, superman, and now the guillotine

I need to see him work in some pride style face stomping in hiac.

Fuck i want shinsuke vs roman


Adrenaline dump

Retribution trying to goad the Fiend…


So jealous of ali’s hair

WTF…is Retribution jobbing?

Nexus intensifies

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Lol they jobbers now

…the fuck does AJ Styles need a bodyguard for?

Who’d they give AJ as a heater?

Jordan Omogbehin

AKA…the RAW Underground bouncer.
AKA…the tall ninja.