The Wrestling thread: NXT Takeover 10/4 - Impact Bound for Glory 10/24

Let’s keep it going…

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Reminder that WWE burns down Wyatt’s house whenever his heel persona becomes more likeable than the faces he has a program with.






It’s a new day
Yes it is.

Rollins getting boo’d harsher than roman and cena. Wwe should lean into it turning rollins back into the authority pissant.

I want paranoid Rollins with AoP as his bodyguards.

Like have AoP be the reason Rollins beats The Fiend. Fiend responds with wyatts.

AoP already look like shield wannabe henchmen

Like i would.bring back J&J for a oneshot who get murdered by the fiend. Have rollins get scared and paranoid

Then he gets AoP. Then he can walk around acting like he is owed a lot. Then you have somebody like Drew or Aleister come in and beat him.


Stokley a treasure…


That didn’t last long.

Happy anniversary

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did they change Aleister’s finisher? I loved watching fools getting bopped in the head by Black Mass.

I think they just added a 2nd finisher to his move set. I assume Black Mass is still an option since it was in his profile when he was drafted.



Lol how about health care you cheap fucks


Really should call it the black out instead of black mass

Not after Cosby’s bullshit they shouldn’t.

Call it cosby special

Rhea was exactly my type when i was dating

You people post too much. Reach the limit LOL.

Is it me or did WWE sort of seceded Smackdown to RAW. I guess Bayley is the new Charlotte over there at least. Smackdown’s roster is quite underwhelming. Worse than before.

I guess this is their strategy to make RAW a bigger show. Could work, who knows. I doubt it though.

I thought you mean this black out:

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Toni Storm

Damn wwe has like all these high level hot girls who can work

Just have Rhea or Toni take the belt from busted shayna already




Yeah wwe put these two on smackdown and let them rock