The Wrestling Thread: Survivor Series 11/22

I liked what I saw from Top Flight

I love that WWE is pushing Shotzi…


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Nnnnnnn…is it Karen??

Yooo…congrats to them!

Women’s title matches were great tonight enjoyed them very much glad Io and Deeb retained.

Yeah…Rhea vs. Io was a BANGER.

Looking like Rhea is going to the main roster.

I can dig it…

Thunderdome moving…

To where wrestlemania was going to be

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Why is there a contract signing for the WWE/Universal match?

I don’t think it’s needed…they could have talked smack to each other without the contract.


Yeah it’s like are they even competing for each other’s title? Why even need a contract? LOL


The political landscape made me look at this differently…

Will probably be a double count out or double disqualification.

That Sami segment…I thought it was going to go there.

New Day vs Street Profits was fire…

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Lacey Evans with a Spanish Fly, I’m very impressed

Great women’s Survivor Series match muddied by a stupid ending. Didn’t completely ruin it but definitely brought the match down hella points :man_facepalming:t5:

I knew Lana was going to be the last one standing…but not how I pictured it.

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I’m, quite enjoying Reigns and Drew, I know it’ll end in a DQ but I hope it’s done well

EDIT: Guess I was wrong, but I’m OK with that ending