The Wrestling Thread v.10K Lethal Lockdown! - NXT Takeover 25 6/1!


Vince is involved heavily in the program showing he is all in on it.

Batista is coming off as a face who wants to fuck with hhh, then hhh breaks kayfabe and looks like a jackass.

I want orton to beat styles just because i want orton vs kofi to be kofi’s first program after mania. Bringing up the stupid stupid stupid meme.

The new japan cup matches to watch
Goto vs Sanada
Kojima vs Suzuki
Ishii vs Nagata
Ishii vs Taichi
Okada vs Elgin
Tanahashi vs umino
Naito vs Ibushi

Ibushi probably going to win the title because why else would he actually sign a contract

I want the club reunion and the three of them to shit on orton.

I am hoping chad2badd hits a gun stun on orton


Catching up on Nxt and nxt Uk

I want to do terrible things to candy floss

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It will be ridiculous for the triple threat to not main-event as it’s the only match on the card that has a long term build.

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Walter/Dunn vs the Coffee brothers was rough. There was a lot of miscommunication and botches throughout the match. It was still a passable match but man. Rough.


Apparently Fox wants the WWE to be edgier. It’s likely why WWE had been wiping it’s ass with Kayfabe lately.


yes i mentioned it earlier this week


Yeah. Fox wants Smackdown Live to be PG-14 and they are pressuring WWE hard for it.


Imagine not realizing a generation has passed you…


Some people aren’t self aware enough to realize that society has changed since almost 2 decades ago.


Go get them commercials Becky…


Yeah. Like 99% of the attitude era has not aged well. Super cringe stuff

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GUFFAW @ WWE creative not having WrestleMania plans for Asuka yet…


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It’s every uncharacteristic for WWE to not have Wrestlemania plans locked in this close to the show.


I just can’t get up for Wrestlemania this year, even though the upper card is moving in the right direction. It feels like another year of old guys continuing to push down the younger guys that can actually go.


Blame Vince. He tries to micromanage everything and changes his mind so much that nothing gets accomplished or gets any traction. Stephanie and HHH constantly have to reel him in and be like “wtf. Let us and creative do our job”

Imo Wrestlemania hasn’t felt special or extraordinary in a long time. All the PPVs look the same, are produced the same and feel the same that they all just bleed together. Literally the only difference between WM and other ppvs these days is the elaborate entrance ramps they build for mania.

Ehhhhh. Say what you want about Vince’s politics, philosophies on wrestling, his booking style and arguably how incredibly out of touch is but don’t wish death on the guy. That’s just wrong and seriously fucked up.

Whatculture actually made a video about Vince McMahon dying called “10 ways wwe will improve when Vince McMahon dies” or something along those lines. Poor Simon Miller was the one who had the narrate the video too. I mean I don’t like the guy but for someone who is that optimistic and generally happy when talking about WWE has to present a video involving how great someone’s death would be? I felt bad for him. The fact they even though that video up was disgusting to me. It made me immediately unsubscribe to them on YouTube and cancel whatculture xtra.

It’s going to be a very emotional and tumultuous day when Vince finally dies. He’s the reason pro wrestling became the world wide phenomenon that it is. He’s the reason why 99% of us got into wrestling in the first place. What he’s done for wrestling is irrefutable and undeniable. No one will ever even come close to matching the contributions he’s made to wrestling. Has he made some questionable if not bad decisions? Sure. But the dude is a business genius and used that to spread his love of pro wrestling to the world.

Cause even though he calls it sports entertainment these days; deep down he will always know it and love it as “professional wrestling”


I wish he wasn’t such a health nut. That way he’d die faster.


It’s astonishing that the don’t have a plan in place considering how much time they had to figure something out after Becky got hot.

Right now you should have been building a program with Nikki Cross or Sonya instead we have the Blond patrol taking the title opportunities and it sucks.


Same…I wouldn’t wish death on Vince.

You’d have to be some sort of fucked up to wish death on Vince because of questionable creative choices.

I just wish he would let Stephanie, Shane, and Paul take the reigns.


You must not go on twitter often. The wrestling twitterverse is a god damn cesspool


Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit…all over social media. I’ve seen and heard them.

It’s fucked up.

Some would excuse the attitude to being very passionate…nah I feel that’s one foot off the sanity wagon.

Years ago there was even a countdown site for Vince’s passing.

Like you said when Vince does reach that end…it’s going to be a very sad day for wrestling.

This makes me happy.