The Wrestling Thread v.10K Lethal Lockdown! THE VIKING EXPERIENCE!: MitB - 5/19


Want to try posting that again, brosiden? It’s not even giving a link.




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Billy Kay and Peyton Royce have been posting pictures and videos of them with KENTA on Twitter. I didn’t know they were close. What an odd trio.



They been doing that since they were on NXT.

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Yeah they’ve been trolling Kenta since they started. Surprised you never noticed til now



I didn’t really get involved with the wrestling twitterverse until recently. :woman_shrugging:t3: And by recently I mean less than 3 months ago probably.



So WWE finally acknowledged the four…

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Sasha already planted the seed at the rumble.



But charlotte and becky hate each other

Shayna and the job squad do nothing for me

Bayley needs more performances like that



Shayna buddies are a bunch of geeks. They have no credibility. I wouldn’t want to see them take on Becky and the rest.



Shayna is mediocre and old. I want to see charlotte just wreck her shit. Which would happen. I mean i have seen all those 3 fight and the moment the opponent shows any sign of resistance they give up.

Shayna is as short as kairi. Charlotte is a huge woman compared to the rest. She is like the randy orton. Rhea even looked small



Yea, Rhea + Lacy Evans are my height and Charlotte is bigger than them.
I think Flair is 5’10" and the other two are 5’8". Makes you realize how short all the girls in the division are lol



And they’re the tall ones. Hell Alexa is barely 5’1.

A lot of the girls in NXT are under 5’5



I laughed…



I’ve been seriously sleeping on the WWE PC YouTube channel and it’s Twitter. They post a lot of awesome stuff

This was a pretty fucking sweet entrance. Easily one of the best nxt has done.

The fact WWE let Sarah and Rowes friends and family be apart of it and not just hire extras or use people from nxt is also super fucking cool to me.

For someone who didn’t come from wrestling or even pay attention to wrestling it’s really cool to see Belair have so much passion for it. She’s a future champ no doubt. She is stupidly athleticly gifted, great charisma and good on the mic. Her and Montez Ford could easily be WWE’s next power couple.


Montez is so good. His mic work. Look. Character. Wrestling

Why street profits aren’t on smackdown feuding with the usos for the tag titles makes no sense

I also don’t get how montez and ricochet cancel out. Can we have 2 young athletic cocky black dudes on the roster? I mean the white guys are all bearded and assholes

Dbry’s hemp belt actually looks way better than that leather shit.

I mean let that be the belt for 8 years like the dumb cena belt.

Besides if they do bring a belt back make it the undisputed title again. Everybody loves that belt

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Wish THE MAN a happy birthday…



They don’t exactly cancel each other out though? The only things they have in common is their black and athletic. Ricochet is a spot monkey virtuoso while Montez is stuck in a comedic tag team role and he’s not even remotely a high flyer. The dude is just shredded and athleticly gifted. Neither of which are bad for either. They’re doing the best with what they’re given.

Honestly the thing that is holding Ford back is Dawkins. They’re a great tag team and have good chemistry and know how to work a crowd but Dawkins just…isn’t good.



The maga wrestling fandom

Posts.memes about not telling kenta, tozawa, or nakamura apart

About how kairi, io, xia, mia, and asuka are the same person

Fuck we got a real time “excellent question shelton” moment at the rumble

I can tell apollo, lashley, and titus apart but some white podcasters consistently mix them up on recaps

I like that there are more minorities in major roles in wwe. But it needs to get better.



I cried when Cole confused Apollo with Shelton at the Rumble…