The Wrestling Thread v.2018 - Evolution 10/28


Real Talk.
Hoping we see this in the final.



I don’t watch the main roster anymore and I won’t until they start doing proper by Finn and Nia, but I caught Ronda’s match on Raw and holy buttfucking Christ. This woman is the definition of a natural. So good.


Yea dude(tte?), Ronda is reminiscent of Angle and Lesnar. Too talented to not shoot straight to the top.


Rhonda’s matches are also 100% scripted and practiced a dozen times over and then some at the PC. Yes a lot of it is natural talent she has already but like, she isn’t able to carry a match yet or call spots or be a ring leader. She’s still green as grass. She just has a lot of different people and things pushing and guiding her in the right direction.


No one expects her to be a ring general with her level of experience.


I’m aware of that. I don’t expect her to be one either. But I feel like people constantly give her too much credit. I’m not saying she doesn’t work her ass off but like, Iunno man. I just don’t buy into yet.


Can you say she’s better than 50% of the girls on the NXT roster?


I don’t feel her praise is undeserved as transitioning from MMA to wrestling isn’t easy. She’s a natural at it. She keeps up this pace she will be a monster once she’s experience.


Yes. Her natural talent gives her an edge on most the roster. Nxt and main roster.

I’d love to see Rousey vs Bianca Belaire


IMO, they’ve been doing a pretty good job handling Rousey. They know she’s green but can’t exactly hide her at the PC or NXT while her star power is still hot.


No way, Jose…


Someone ask Creed;

Is the FGC bigger than the WWE!!!


The reason those sasha/bayley matches were so good was the practice

Charlotte and Becky are so much better in ring that it is dumb

ECDream was so friggin sexy

Like yes queen


Indie Miz…



Very sad if true…



Damn, damn, damn.

Bret the last one left…




There goes that Real1 and Big Cazz reunion at CZW…