The Wrestling Thread v.2018 - Hell in a Cell 9/16 - Super Show Down 8/6 - Evolution 8/28


They’ve improved greatly. Callis at the helm has been doing wonders. Much more stable and legitimate.


Nicole Matthews is well deserved…she was an alternate last year.
Canadians finally have representation in the MYC.




Well played TMZ…


My work just approved me off for every Ppv for the rest of the year. Including takeovers. I’m so excited


I officially don’t work Sundays anymore…


Nice! I work Thursday-Sunday but always ask for ppvs and takeovers off. I hate waiting until Monday to watch them because usually by then either the whole Ppv has been spoiled for me by friends texting me all night so I have no motivation to watch it since I know the outcomes or I simply don’t have the energy or the motivation to watch it because I don’t know why really.

I’m so much more of a casual and fair weather fan these days. Some days it bothers me and I wish I watched as much wrestling as I did back in like 2011-2013 where I would watch everything i could get my hands on (just for an example I had every roh dvd from their launch to 2008. So Gabe sapolskys entire run as booker) I had every dragon gate USA dvd, ever evolve dvd, over 200 shoot video dvds, and fuck who knows how many compilation of x wrestler I was interested in. Not to mention all my bed of 19xx new japan and Noah dvds I had because of high spots. My collection was fucking massive. I sold almost all of it when I moved back to Seattle though because I just didn’t have the energy (or money) for it anymore.

But then some days, I’m happy I don’t follow wrestling that often anymore. I’m content with watch ppvs once a month, takeovers once every 2-3 months and the random raw or smack down. I’ll even watch new japan every now and again just to see what’s going on. I usually don’t like what I see (I don’t think new japan is bad. I get why it has a following. I just don’t agree with why people follow it) but it gives me something else wrestling related to talk about


I’m cool with Sanity winning…they needed it more than New Day.

So I read somewhere that Ronda’s man is also doing pro wrestling training on the side.


Wow…congrats to the B team!



Good…I hope Brock doesn’t show up tomorrow.


Oh wow…Based Orton!


Kevin Owens…for ALL OF OUR SINS.


Was hoping Lashley would take it.


Loved that Lashley used wake up spear to win…


Match of the night was Hardy vs Nakamura. The rest of the show was very meh.


So… What were the EXTREME rules?

What a shitty PPV with a clickbait name.


Been on the up and up since Redemption. They’re doing a good job of making do with what they have. Bringing the Lucha Underground wrestlers aboard has helped immensely