The Wrestling Thread v.2018 - NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool 1/12, NXT Takover: Phoenix 1/26, Royal Rumble 1/27


I am okay with this…


Overruns made no sense with nitro being gone


Even Nash says WWE is bland because of lack of competition…


I just came from the SD house show at Wembley Arena last night.

Main event was AJ/Joe/Dbry, and it was really good.

Becky had the loudest pops of the night and she won cleanly against Charlotte. She was also talking shit backstage about how she was going to throw Charlotte in the Thames. She’s a full anti-hero from what i’ve seen.




that mans piss gonna melt steel


You all wish you were that massive.

Bend the knee


Seeing Kenny Omega live at Northeast Wrestling in Poughkeepsie was a transcendent event for me as a wrestling fan. Seeing Katie Forbes live at Northeast Wrestling was not.


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Well rounded…


Big Ass getting the Kassius Ohno treatment?


Cass was never in great shape to begin with. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by that picture






NXT Takeover will only have 4 matches…and Ohno vs. Riddle will end up being taped for TV?


WWE’s YouTube page has been posting full matches from past TakeOvers. They just posted Aleister vs. Velveteen

This was such a damn good match. Great pacing, tons of psychology work and Velveteens weird sister Abigail DDT spot got the loudest pop of the night due to how out of nowhere and unorthodox it was.


Going live

Should be awesome

Ready for mama mia chants


Becky’s The Man…


becky is so damn hot. Totally the incarnation of austin.

Sadly, Nia being the idiot that she is botched and broke becky’s nose which may cause her to be off screen for a while.

Nevertheless, the blood made Becky’s badassery 10x hotter than it was.


Never mind. Becky looks brutal but no sells it like a champ.