The Wrestling Thread v.2018 - NXT War Games 11/17 - Survivor Series 11/18


She even looks like The Rock with long hair. She’ll be called what? The Rockette?

EDIT: Wait a minute… WWE has no love for the FGC? I mean they know about Austin Creed, right…


Why was jordyn grace and her porneriffic name and pawgness not in the myc? Yo thicc isn’t even good enough a description

I miss passive aggressive owens

Calling Bálor this generation’s doink the clown


Balor has taken over from Bray as the perennial holding pattern guy.

I miss Mitb KO. Still remember my friend casually watching that moment with me going, “Yo that dude is badass”. I was actually hyped with the whole I Quit promo and what was to come next.

Sees him feuding with Lashley


Lashley needs to turn heel already

Still need Lashley vs Lesnar


They gave him Lio Rush as a manager. I can’t imagine he can stay face with a annoying fuckwad in his corner.


Low Weights, High Reps.


Plus I’ve seen them adding some s nark and edges to his char so who knows they might be setting it up. Anything is better than face Lashley. Well maybe not Family Man Lashley,


Lashley VS Lesnar in the UFC!!!


205 live is moving to Wednesday’s


Damn…glad Dean made the full recovery.


New Day vs Rusev Day is the kickoff match for hell in a cell.


Well fuck vince

Smackdown is basically the backbone to hiac

Tag match

But hey corbin vs balor part 1000 needs to be ppv


I think it’s hilarious Corbin wears his constable outfit for his scheduled matches. In kayfabe, I get it if he came to RAW working as the constable but got tossed in a match. But if he has a scheduled match, shouldn’t he have brought his ring gear? Oh well, just wrestling things. :nerd_face:


So the Hell in a Cell cage is red now…k.


It looks so bad


He’s the new Corporate Kane…




Joe Silva is equivalent to like Kevin Dunn or Brother Love, right?


Now I am worried…


Well there goes any potential it had.