The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


The moment Stephanie said clean sweeping Smackdown, I knew Smackdown would lose 6-0

I wanted to see Bryan get DQed and do to Lesnar like what Charlotte did…


Moonwalk into DDT though…





Bryan was made once again.

I am thinking cheat2win bryan goes the way of eddie considering the pop for the low blow

Doing a double turn with aj and the club while aj slides into retirement could be awesome


I think last night was the first time I genuinely enjoyed something Charlotte did. Her attack on Ronda was just :kissing_heart: a thing of fucking beauty


I think we all unanimously loved the last two matches.


The second half of Bryan/Lesnar was fire.


I think it wouldn’t have been as good if they didn’t instill the “Daniel is gonna be squashed” narrative.

I was pleasantly surprised by his destruction of Brock.
And you know they respect each other to go hard both ways.
“You blow me up then I’ll blow you up.”

Out of a lot of wrestlers, I know for sure that Brock respect American Dragon.


The low blow to lesnar got one of the hugest pops of the night. Bryan can’t be heel. People
Enjoy watching him too much.


I thought the finish was a little deflating but I’d love to see them go at it again.


Becky is on a murderous rampage. Her latest victim: Chris Jericho


After all that the big bad heel brock ended him. Put over both highly.

So the usos won via road dogg mix up. So the usos stay protected.

I found it funny how smackdown played face and raw were heels even in the rollins match.

Now rousey could be stripped and they do her in the rumble. Wins the rumble. Goes through charlotte at ec. Then Becky at wm.

Without the brock destruction bryan’s comeback would not have been as awesome
Daniel bryan got to stand on his own

Fans are weird here. Cheering him big during then quiet


I could see Ronda limping onto RAW…then Nia using her title opportunity and win the women’s title.


Apparently AJ’s contract is up the day after WM35. He’s negotiating on a new contract right now. The contract offer he wants (and deserves) is similar to what Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio are on. Limited TV, PPVs and little-to-no house shows. I hope he gets it. AJ has put nothing but blood sweat and tears into his profession and deserves a lighter schedule to spend time his family.


I hope so too he showed he is a company man when he traveled from Chile (iirc) to the RAW PPV against Balor in such short notice and was ready to go for SDL that upcoming week. I know he was rewarded with that long title reign since gained Vince’s trust after that.


i dunno i like aj…but can you really compare someones couple years in wwe vs orton and mysterio. Those dudes put in a lifetime of work for the company.


he’s the champ that runs the camp.
the face who runs the place
smackdown is the place that aj styles built.


He’s one of the companies biggest stars. I feel he’s definitely earned it for what he put in.


I may skip this one…