The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17



this raw is boring as hell.


The Becky Lynch situation…

WWE trying to bring back the attitude era, I see…

more blood & violence!!!


Was that Brawn elbow thing real btw? Is everyone just botching and injuring each other? Or have the men just went that uncreative that they need to rip off Becky because the only way to get over now is to bleed?


Kayfabe will NEVER DIE!



Read that the January WWEPC class may make indie marks rage…

Happy for ACH though…


Who cares. Indie marks are the WORST.


ACH sucks though? What an odd choice.
And yeah, Indy marks are fucking dumb.


Njpw could have picked up ach anyways

Shane Strickland is the big pick up. If he can put on muscle mass at the pc similar to how dean ambrose did in his time off dude could be massive. He looks like a pretty boy rapper. And honestly making him a team with street profits to feud with new day…bruh. Montez Ford going to be wwe champ.

Just watching some classic ajpw the baba memorial. Hase is one of the best wrestlers there was. Kawada is also legend. This match holds up and you can see where itami, bryan, ishii, shibata, cesaro, goto, etc get a lot of their stuff



Totally forgot that Shane is also rumored to be part of that class…




The Team Bobby Lashley dream is still alive. Gotta make it happen quick before main roster runs out of bodies though


Braun Storman out of action due to elbow injury that requires surgery. TLC Match up in the air now.


…where’s the lie?



I love this Becky Lynch so much. Never stop.



I’m amazed how Rey agreed to being unmasked and on free TV at that


Sasha liking that pic is telling…