The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


it makes me smile.


yeah, that was what i was referring to last night. Was his elbow injured prior to that match or did they botch that shit? I figure it is the later because so many of the wrestlers today botch terribly and constantly.

I didn’t watch most of his matches, which includes last night and SS.


Are you always this incredibly gullible?



Let the boy be


Sadistic Orton is best orton that rko was awesome

Daniel Bryan going full psychopath. Reminding me of 2010 edge with that intense psychopath style promo.

Violent Bryan is best bryan. Now just bring back the elbows to go with the crossfaces and face stomping




Cody should be proud. It’s not easy keeping a group of midcarders like the elite as relevant as he has.


The money mark they got to fund this thing must be loaded


The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars…of course he’s loaded.


I only saw screen shots and moving gifs of it, not live, so my initial impression was that another botch happened.


So Miz is a face…


gawd i hope not.


I miss Miz and Morrison.


Liv Morgan people. Her pink hair is really doing it for me. Like, she was cute as a blonde, I guess? I don’t find most blondes attractive (Stacy keibler and Torri Wilson excluded), so the pink hair is just :kissing_heart:


I wished Liv was on the Raw team so her Mandy could’ve encountered each other. It could have went down w/ someone tagging Liv in at the same time someone from SD tags Mandy Rose in. Then they just go face to face with each other, all that would be needed is some Jello being thrown at them.

edit: yes, i know they wrestled at NXT… but that was then.



I don’t care what color her hair is when she has this


So you can buy Kairi Sane’s pirate hat on wwe shop. It’s taking every once of my being not to buy it.

Also their blackfriday sale isn’t too terrible. Almost the entire site is 25% off and then you get an additional 25% off when you use the code FRIDAY at check out. I got like 6 shirts for under $80. Not bad



I’m hearting this post specifically because of how cute Asuka looks. :drooling_face: