The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


You should do the superstar auctions

They sell ring worn gear. Usually women gear goes for the 1000s


No thanks.

  1. that’s weird
  2. I don’t have that kind of scratch


Bob time

Keith Lee probably fast tracked when vince saw him


THE GOAT WCW theme!!
Give her a re-push for this…


I’d take this with a grain of salt but NXT UK takings our coming up soon and it’s expected To be announced then. So, we’ll see. Big news of true.


Oooooh if true…


Nvm. PAC said on Twitter that the Instagram account is not his.


So lars is an alt right white supremacist maga dude

Color me unsurprised


Curt Hawkins asking the question we should all be asking ourselves. :thinking:


Who the fuck is Green Lantern Wrestling Fan?


It’s an old wrestler meme before memes were even a thing. Usually at every wrestling event (epdecially indies like ROH) you would find a fan wearing something green lantern. Always visible from hard cam. Usually a hat or a jersey shirt. He’s gone on to become a legend among wrestlers and wrestling fans alike who watched in the early to late 2000’s


So he’s like the straw hat guy who would attend every ECW show in the ECW arena.



Edit: well, sorta like straw hat guy. Green lantern wrestling fan was never one person. It was just someone.


So kind of like WWE Sign Guy but under multiple identities


Next NXT Takeover happening in Blackpool, England on 1/12.


surprised some of you dont know about green lantern guy. since some of you guys have been into indy wrestling as long as me in terms of new gen roh hayday


AJ 365 documentary is pretty cool. I showed more TNA stuff than I would have imagined.


I’m so tired of watching Shinsuke and Joe lose. I haven’t watched the Flair/Asuka match yet, but i know she lost regardless of not reading any of the results.


I’m kinda bummed that Starrcade was only an hour on the network. Seems like it was a last minute add to the schedule. 2 hours would have been fine


Anyone watching the WWE vs NXT League of Legends match?

Dakota Kai just drew first blood on Seth Rollins…

edit: Seth is actually feeding Kai.