The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


More on Ambrose:
Apparently during the Rumble Weekend he was approached with a new 5-year contract extension with a downside of 7 figures on top of 7 figures a year and a huge (compared to others) percentage in merch sales. This is when he told management he was leaving when his contract expired.

Those close to Ambrose are saying they aren’t surprised he turned down the contract as he lives a very minimalist and frugal life and doesn’t need the money. He just wants to be happy wrestling and he is at a point in wwe where he is no longer happy.


Cool. Cool. Except you know. It’s not. And he isn’t.


Whoa at WWE acknowledging it…unless they are working us too! :face_with_monocle:

For now, I’ll take it as fact. Sad to see him go, but excited to see him elsewhere. Also excited that, in theory, a spot for someone else is opening up.


Very odd WWE would flat out make this news public…even before he is released.

Still…I will miss Dean Ambrose in the WWE.


It is but it isn’t. We’re in the “reality era” of wwe. They’ve been transparent about a lot of shit and more open to talk about and show the inner workings of the company.

Like, there is still a veil of kayfabe but it is thin


Thing is they’ve been in this “reality era” for some years now…and they rarely ever announced a superstar leaving months in advance until now.

They still keep NXT injuries on the down low until months later if at all.

I’m not gonna debate if it’s a work or not…it’s just odd they went and posted it.


@geese_pants seeing as you’re the women’s wrestling aficionado here I think you’ll appreciate this video the most.

They’re all so excited. It’s super cute.


My heart…I saw this earlier.

Serena Deeb sighting!


Still weird seeing her with hair. I miss my straight edge, bald headed yet awkwardly sexy Mary Magdalene

Edit: I just watched the video In it’s entirety. Rhea Ripley smiling is weird but she has a super cute smile and laugh. I just think she’s super cute all around. Thicc, Cool accent, weird hair, would kill me by snusnu. All around A+.

Xia crying got to me. You could tell she appreciates the opportunity the most after all the set backs she’s had.


Rhea is Aussie though…but I get.

She got swole since signing with WWE…and she only 22.

Xia I agree with.

All the NXT women repped well in the Rumble.


My bad. Her being on NXT uk confused me. But I remember now how pissed the UK crowd was when she won the title tournament due to a UK title being held by an Aussie.


Yet they were elated that Toni Storm…who hails from New Zealand/Australia…won.

Oh well…technicalities.


Also I just looked up some Rhea Ripley pics. She looked WAY different on the Indy’s. Holy shit. She looks way better these days.


Goes to show if you put in the work at PC… you’ll likely get noticed.

Something Kimber Lee didn’t seem to understand.


Matt looking great right now


All Australians are heels lmfao




Lmao @ Rhea Ripley being grossed out by Ricochet and Kacy being cute. Seeing Ricochet tear up like that for Kacy’s debut is also really sweet.

Also, I’d ship the fuck out of Rhea and Io. I didn’t know how badly I wanted that until watching the video.


Great videos. I loved that they got the opportunity to wrestle in front of a very large crowd.


The men did well too…