The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


Daniel Bryan bringing South Park to WWE


Joe going HARD…


Did this fuckjn hippy make an wooden belt??


Joe just committed multiple murders in the blink of an eye.


edit: nvm. Found a picture of it.


He is the green hero we needed \o/


I hope WWE lets him keep that belt afterwards…please let cloth part be made of hemp.


This was beautiful


This dude thinking he’s alundra blayze or some shit.

Edit: WWE Just signed Shawn Divari as a producer. I wonder what that’s going to do to his wrestling school he has with Mr. Kennedy? :thinking:


A few wwe guys have schools. Ahouldnt be an issue…especially since most wrestling schools only run 2-3x a week


Yeah…Seth Rollins has his school.

Curt Hawkins…Gallows as well


I hoping this belt was brought in for one reason and one reason only. To burn it down and replace it with my favorite belt, one can dream.


Hideo gone…


Fuck. Back to Noah I guess. There were reports sometime last year about him not being happy in wwe and that he was really home sick and missed his family.


I still dig this theme. Shit is so Street Fighter.


Just look at the comments in there. Damn Ronda’s twitter is loaded with assholes.
Funny thing is there are people there who look above 30 years old and still think this shit is real.


Also… it’s rumored that more Paige tapes will be leaked during the opening of her movie.


Mike Bennett has one near me.


No way does hideo go back to noah with the company restructuring again

Dude’s best friend is Shibata

I think KENTA is new japan bound

KENTA in the g1 please

Bryan’s belt is awesome. And the fans in az love him. This character will be so over i portland, washington, and cali.

My god bryan is godly


LOOOL basically Brock Vinced Vince…

Usually Vince does this shit to others.

Vince said: “Asshole!” to Brock.

Someone wrote:

Agree’d, Brock has made it clear many times he doesn’t give a shit about WWE or Vince. He’s only in it for the money, same reason he does UFC. It’s the big payday, that’s the only reason he’s even still around. He requests ridiculous things and gets them with a big payday too


On another note; this song is stuck in my head now!!!