The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


It popped me. I laughed. JBL corrected him quick.

I really want shelton on tv with his minoru suzuki character.

Please let him stiff guys and tap them out.

Fuck bring back taka to manage him


When Mauro first signed I didn’t really like him but as time went on and I got to “know” him better through his commentary and following him on twitter he’s became my favorite commentator. Probably ever. The dude is a fucking treasure and despite being part time he has an unreal passion, love and respect for wrestling.

So trolls you’re taking literally. Got it.


Nah those trolls are pretty much just white supremacists. And they are also way Mysognistic

Kushida on the way to 205live. And i am hype

Watch tozawa/kenta from last night

Tozawa and Nakamura don’t want to leave wwe because paycheck and their wives are settled here. Nakamura’s kids adapted real quick too.

Io, Kairi, and Asuka making way more and will have worldwide fame

I still want those 3 as triple tails on smackdown

Just have io and kairi win the belts and we got some good shit

It is like running mai, nakoruru, and hibiki in cvs2


N-Groove I hope.



They should create a new version of the black lotus triad with Kairi, Asuka, and Io Shirai; maybe sign Angela Fong to be their mic woman.


Zatal said something I actually agree with? Is the world about to end?


I mean he basically said what daboog said. So, not really?

I do think Io and Kairi do need to come up as a pair though. Just let them go on an absolute tear fucking up every women’s tag team on the roster.


WWE has thrown their hat into the meme generator game.


Mark Coffeys chest after his match with WALTER at the NXT UK takings.

God. Damn.

More awesome footage from nxt involving the war raiders


They all look alike.


They really don’t though.

The only ones that could even be compatible are Lashley and Crews and that’s just because they’re both similar body shapes. Apollo is much shorter though. And smiles a lot.

Lol I just wiki’es Lashley to look up his height. His first name is Franklin. Haha. That’s extremely funny to me. I’d never say that to him in person though. He’d lawn dart me through a fucking window.


If your name is Franklin you pretty much have to be a badass or a Roosevelt.

Also I think indy guys tone down their style when going to WWE because they gotta survive the 300 show a year grind. They don’t, but I appreciate the effort nonetheless.


They tone it because wwe tells them to and save it for ppv. Part of it is yes injuries are more likely to occur if you go balls to the wall 24/7 but the bigger reason is psychologically. It becomes less of an impact if you do it every week…but saving some of those cooler stuff for special events implies more importance on a match or willingness to take more risk to win.


That’s the other aspect I wanted to allude to, since the weekly shows are pretty much commercials for the PPVs. Also gotta keep yourself upright for the merch and meet/greet money


Dear nxt…YALL DID WHAT??


Interesting nxt spoilers for this month.




So apparently during both RAW and SDL taping management gathered all the talent who’s contracts are expiring this year (most of them ending the day after mania or at the end of April) to negotiate new deals (most if not all the talents were offered 5-year deals with huge downsides). The feeling in the room according to the talent was “urgent” and “intense” due to something like this never happening before.

The feeling is that WWE is nervous about talent leaving WWE for AEW in the hopes they get paid “Chris Jericho money” since he (Jericho) more-or-less revealed his salary in AEW on a recent podcast.

No word on what talents signed the new deals and who haven’t.

(I’m trying to find the list I read earlier on reddit of all the talents who’s contracts are expiring this year but I can’t fucking find it. Ugh)


Sky Pirates is such a cute team

Hope they win the tag belts