The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


we need something like this.


The street profits should be the next nxt tag champs come wm

War Raiders should be main roster. Probably raw

Forgotten sons is like another revival. But faster.

Nxt has a deep tag division.

Walter is so good. He has such a menacing presence. Mastiff looks foolish. He is a fat guy cosplaying vader without any of the offense or presence. He is just a 1980s fat dude.

I want walter to absolutely squash him.

Walter, Barthel, and Aichner as a unit should be unstoppable.

Want to see Walter chop gunner so bad



Walk into AEW with Ambrose…


Nxt apparently filmed two possible endings to the dream gargano match lmfao.

What in the fuck. Lol nxt:bandersnatch


Choose your own booking


…a TEAM.


Sky Pirates is such a perfect name lol




Just so cute! I think main roster needs more asians. And these two are money

Like just push them hard. Everybody would be into two cute girls wreckin shit and being awesome.

They might get a good match out of iiconics

Yo this tom lawlor vs ken shamrock street fight


they will be buried eventually. The USA hates wrestling.


@odin yo…


Don’t worry. She’s already on the list.
Backstage chicks better than the on camera talent.



Goddamn Rhea…


Rhea is so fucking hot lol
Big ass, big tits. She got it all.


I swear the girls wwe hiring now are so much hotter than the ones 10 years ago

And the ones now come with workrate.

Jojo, Sasha, Vanessa Borne, and Kayla make me advocate for mixed race couples. Because god damn

Aaliyah is one of the hottest chicks on the roster too

Dasha and charlie are best thots

I mean wwe hired a new latina tpo




Charly has fallen down my rankings… I used to think she was the absolute hottest, but her lip injections are getting to me. She’s up there with Mandy, Paige, Carmella and Dana for chicks that need to dial that shit down.


Billie kay without that clown face is really cute


Too bad she’s taken.


What are your feelings for Rhea Ripley?