The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


So the final 2 spots for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title EC match have been spoiled…


Sasha Banks/Bayley

Sonya/Mandy and the IIconics already declared their spots.


Womens elimination chamber makes no sense. Raw had to fight for spots but smackdown didnt?


Smackdown don’t have enough women for qualifying matches. The show’s entire division minus Becky, Charlotte and Asuka is in that Chamber.


Thats fine then they should have to face raw women. One side shouldnt get a free pass


Sky pirates need to be on sd


Halftime heat was the fucking business…


It was way better than it should have been


Nasty girls are the best, maxx.



This feud was such a bop…


Damn…that feels.


Definitely a bummer that things didn’t work out for Hideo. I would’ve loved to see him and Daniel Bryan go at it on a bigger stage.


CM Punk stole all of Kenta’s moves.


So did dragon. He was the nova of the indies


Why not do the whole faction?
1997 best wrestling year
Bulldog, Pillman, & Owen deserve the spots


You know damn well their families don’t want them inducted…



I want Booker back

Lost it at 4:34


Tjp been posting like that for a year now


anyone notice that Cyborg is responding to the Becky/Ronda tweet feud?



Can I still boo them?


Their was a USA chant during the state of the union address last night. Thus confirming this is the most prowrestling presidency ever. It’s not about if trump will act presidential, it’s more about if hes working as a heel or face tonight. Vince McMahon has fully prepared me to never be shocked by anything.

We are just rehashing attitude era storylines.