The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Randy Orton has expressed a willingness and an openness to talk to All Elite Wrestling. No reports of an actual conversation between the two parties. This also doesn’t mean he will talk to or sign with AEW, just a willingness to talk to them. Also according to Fightful, The Usos may be leaving the WWE at the end of their current contract.



Usos vs young bucks plz


AEW gonna be WCW 2.0?

Give everybody guaranteed contracts, lessen schedules and Russo booking?



If they can snag Orton, that’ll be BIG, with him being a wwe made guy


No one should go after orton. The indies wont deal with his bullshit


Russo-style booking would kill AEW the way it killed WCW. I wish Russo wasn’t still alive, but as long as he continues to take air that could be used by someone else, he can at least fucking stay away from wrestling, and that counts his influence.

Also, fuck Randy Orton. Nobody cares about him and he’s a cunt.


Yikes…and Cuerno is not alone.


Indies? The owner is worth 7 billion dollars and owns the Jaguars and a soccer team in the premier league. THIS IS WCW v2.0 BROTHER AND WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN ORTON DRIVES DOWN THE STREETS OF JACKSONVILLE IN A VIPER READY TO SIGN A CONTRACT


Usos vs. G.O.D. would be worth it for the promo battles alone.

I don’t care if it can’t technically happen yet, make it happen AEW/NJPW


Let’s hope that AEW learns from past mistakes made by WCW, ECW, TNA, etc, and obviously, not make those mistakes.

As for Orton, whether or not he could fit with the AEW group, him going there would grab a lot of attention.


AEW should probably go after Pual Heyman.


…you think they won’t once his contract ends with WWE?


Best thing about AEW is that WWE is going to have to step up. They can’t sit on amazing talent and then blame them for creative’s fault. If they do that they’re going to sink hard.

They can’t really afford to pretend that they’re unsinkable. Plenty of companies go down that way.


Of course…especially since their fox deal kicked in.

Vince can’t afford to be complacent.


Problem is that outside of NXT, they have been complacent. Shit, They’ve been complacent for a lot of the time I’ve watched. Since like the first post in the Wrestling threads the E’s been all sorts of wack.

It hits high spots but then it just goes back to middling. The company doesn’t trust the talent.


Which is a shame…so many of WWE talent complaining about not being used properly.

NXT is going to be on Fox sports…and I hope it doesn’t become stagnant after the fact.

205 Live IMO has been fire. Cruiserweights deserve better.


It depends. Paul E could be done with wrestling like he was before coming back to WWE as a manager/advocate. Which could make AEW have cold feet about going after him, plus you know Paul would probably want a ton of creative control which Cody may or may not be willing to give up.


Orton and the Usos would be huge losses compared to tye dillenger and the revival

Because orton and the usos are actually over

I would love to see the usos bring life back to tags in new japan.

New beginning shows were good

Angry minoru destroying sanada and the naito/taichi vince mcmahon special were great

I really hope sanada shaves that beard and goes back to the black hair

Super saiyan neckbeard sanada is just weird


It really is not creative though. It is vince himself. And hhh’s new trope for nxt is booking guys like the forgotten sons and ohno as guys hhh forgot about.

Vince is fickle and pushes and depushes on a whim.

Look at drew who went from “possibly challenging brock” to doing nothing with braun. Fuck look at braun. He is a victim of the yoyo booking from vince

Really aew needs a booker like a heyman.

RoH let new japan run their shows for the past 4 years. Now they got nothing.

Though aew has a partnership with dragon gate already.

KENTA left wwe because he missed japan.

I hope dude pops up in new japan.


Wonder if AEW could land Punk?

I’ll hit up some replays later.