The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


Fuck punk. There is no way anything can be taken seriously if he is in any segment, match or feud.

The guy is the biggest fraud with one of the biggest ego’s. People hate on Mike Jackson for how he treated the fight like a joke, but most wrestling fans should praise Mike for what he did because Punk deserved being exposed as a joke.


I hate this “respect punk for fighting”

Punk lived out an episode of friends


You’re fucking old. No one remembers that episode


Nah people keep watching friends reruns bruh


Ive legit seen you repeatedly make the same reference to the same episode for yearssss on here lol


International sign of dont touch our hair




Love or hate him, Punk going to AEW or returning to WWE (even for a brief non-wrestling stint) would catch people’s attention and get people talking.

Oh, and Friends reruns still super popular!




hahahaha That’s a classic Paige look


Punk going back to wwe was more feasable when his name had cache.

Undertaker charging 24k/hr for bookings. And hotel and travel comped.

Should do a gofundme to book him with n word taker



Well hopefully Taker doesn’t become another Ric Flair and whore himself out for easy $$$


Catchpoint reunion on nxt


It definitely requires courage for CM Punk to have gone to MMA. You know who else did that, though? Jack Swagger. And he actually won. Because he’s not a little bitch.


Also helps hes a d1 wrestler who has multiple qjns over cain valasquez


Punk doing MMA was a pretty bad move on his behalf.

When even Logan Paul is trying to pick a fight with you, you know you done fucked up.


That is sad.


AEW partnering with Lucha Libre AAA…

Omega is in of course.

They making moves.


Yup a whole bunch of new people just got signed