The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


AEW signed the big ones in Fenix, Pentagon, and Omega.

We need a tv roll out and a touring schedule.

I hope aew works with ajpw and ddt along with aaa, crash, and dragon gate. I bet ott joins aew.

I really want to see Kenny come to all japan to elevate them. Kento vs Kenny is huge




Cody looking into it…


Why the FUCK does he care about WCW? lol
Not like Dusty didn’t come back to the WWE and become a prominent figure.


Cody wants the comeback of Dusty finishes?




I wonder what ethnicity she is… Very ambiguous.


Who that?



Kayla Braxton.

Part of the elite backstage/announcer crew that look better than all the actual wrestlers.


…keeping busy.


Saudis may have taken out the Twin Towers, but they’re sure as hell keeping Titan Towers standing.


Crown them…


To be fair…it was free to watch on multiple platforms lmfao. Including facebook




It begins…


Ruby Riott is a good wrestler though. This is why I almost fear every NXT call up because will forget how awesome they are as wrestlers once they enter the main roster.

I fear for Kairi, and most of Io (the greatest female wrestler in the world).


Also wcw fired dusty and dusty had that dope ecw run


She black and white. But she skiews to whitegirl. She looks like this one pinay i was with. That racial ambiguity is hot

Why job dean to nia? Why not use dean to put over apollo, finn, drew, or even switch him to sdl to put over andrade

This is fucking dumb

Wrestlenomics is a joy to listen to as a podcast

Omega said he will still work new japan.

I hope they just run Omega vs Okada for msg


Hope she flays him alive


The company is gonna bury Dean on his way out. smh