The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


They bout to pull a Jeff Jarrett style burial on Dean. With Nia substituting for Chyna. Petty ass fuckin company, bruh.

I really hope AEW and other companies does well


Lmfao vince the king of petty


I bet nia injures him


False alarm people…


Corey Graves has spent the evening pissing off the wrestling twitterverse. It all started with him tweeting about he thinks it’s bullshit that Bill Demott got fired. He said people shouldn’t be allowed to complain that they were being paid to train and they should have taken his methods like a man/woman and not be so fucking soft.

Now he’s mid-attack on dirtsheets.


Corey probably needs another hiatus from Twitter…


For sure.


Lol didnt multiple women say they were sexually abused by him in some fashion…by bill?


If I got stiffed on Tough Enough or by Bill Demott, then he’d get stiffed back…


Allegedly (see: yes)




I see nothing wrong with Jay White being champ.


3 years from young lion to champ. I dont feel hes put on any truly great performances yet that made me go…yeah hes champ material.


Same could be said for Okada when he was given the belt and look at where he is now.


Jay white just need some eye shadow and he’ll look like an early 2000’s teenager. I haven’t seen many of his matches but what I have seen I just don’t get. Same with his promo. I wonder what Gedo sees in him? :thinking:


White knows how to work the Japanese crowds. He’s good enough of a wrestler to hang with the main-event guys.


Tanahashi needs to move on, Cena is a year younger and even he’s given up the main event picture.


3 heels out of the past 4 champs


Jay White is the NJPW equivalent of a Roman Reign’s push.

Gedo predicted AJ Styles and Kenny Omega leaving and needed a young heel star to replace them.

He’s been groomed for awhile, but yeah I don’t think he’s that good.


Mini-doc about Riddick Moss from the PC YouTube page.