The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17


New WWEPC class…


What a shitty picture… It’s basically a photo of a guy taking a photo lol


They have pushed him hard and given him the title. This was the goal with him. He also speaks japanese like omegam

I think Switch Blade grows. But as a heel he is top notch nobody draws heat like he does.

New Beginning was good all around. Okada and Fale was a banger of psychology. And ishimori vs taguchi was fun.

The sleeper was yoshida/umino vs evil/sanada

Yoshida and Umino will be main eventing against Jay white very soon


That’s a shame…


Got too slowed by @geese_pants


That’s a repost, Stu.


Your mom is a repost.


Maybe take another break, Stu.


I don’t bring my a game when it comes to Canadians.


We’re the same people, Stu. Our country is just bigger in size and yours has more people.


AEW wants Bautista as well…


Well he isn’t getting that Disney money anytime soon with Guardians on ice and him refusing to work with Disney again until they rehire Gunn.

Might as well make a living off nostalgia.


HCatching up on nxt UK and I’ve came to realize I really don’t like rope assisted finishers. I’m not talking about high risk finishers like 054 or 630 senton etc. I’m talking about stuff like mustache mountains team finisher, el ligero is spring board tornado ddt, stuff like the hand spring cutter. Things like that. They just look extremely lame and silly to me.

I want to see more of Candy Floss. She is RIDICULOUSLY cute. She is exactly the kind of white girl I find attractive. Lord help me if she ever gets tattoos or a “weird” piercing.

Xia Brookside using the iconoclasm as a finisher is cool. Odd choice of a finisher but it’s a nice old school move that hasn’t been used in forever


Candy Floss looks like an anime character. I’ll be shocked if she never looked Japan.


She has done a few tours with STARDOM…


Fuck you maxx. Goth girls are hot.


the storyline between Becky and Steph/HHH is cringe worthy. It’s so bad and it makes Becky look like a moron.


I’m enjoying it…


Watching the last few 205’s. Humberto Carillo has such a bright future. That dude is ridiculously good.

Wtf happened to Maria. She use to be pretty cute now she looks like a generic ring rat/Thot.


Elias pretty damn over. And I’m here for it