The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Elimination Chamber 2/17



Not from what I’ve been reading. Wreddit and The Wrestling Twitterverse seemed pretty excited by it. I know I am.


I’m with it too…and Sonny Kiss.

Dude was so funny on Lucha Underground.




Eh, I guess Jay White has potential but I still think he’s a few years away from being ready. I get that NJPW need a big gaijin heel, but switchblade ain’t that guy yet.


No more sideplates?


As far as gaijins go Jay White is the only choice. The Tongans ain’t good enough to be aces.


I wished they would just go back to the classic belts, these belts nowadays are bleh.


I do like the sd belts looking like my tim duncan air max foamposites

But yeah i loved the 88-02 designs of the tag belts

This will always be my favorite belt


…and he got into a fight with a cop.



Time to make a worked shoot.

“I was gonna square up with cops that had tasers and guns… Think what I’m gonna do to YOU, Miz?”


Uce is lucky he wasn’t shot. Like seriously.

Also Naomi with that dui.

DUI usually leads to title wins. Just ask santino.

Also i expect more uso penitentiary jokes


Fucking idiot.


I demand dash cam

Jimmy is a big brown dude with wavy hair

Uce is lucky he ain’t dead


Cop didn’t feel like being in the news this week.


Happy HBK day…


I bet the usos win the belts.

Like seriously i want them to win the belts anyways.

Usos vs Roddy and Kyle would be fantastic


Building that street cred.


They aignt winning now. Wwe released a statement that tells me this niggas gettin fired


You think they would risk losing one of their best tag teams to AEW like that?