The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7



Neckbeard Fat guy in green lantern hocky jersey with stop watch

I hate 90 minute matches


WWE Restricting UK Talent Appearances outside of WWE and their UK affiliates:

WWE (finally) signs UK Indy Star WALTER


Both were bound to happen sooner or later…


A lot of people are attributing the UK restrictions to low turn outs at the NXT UK tapings. People would rather and can easily see the same wrestlers at the local level for $10-20 a pop instead of paying WWE Prices. So WWE wants to crack down on that and make the talent more of an attraction so people will come to their shows. It contradicts what HHH first set out to do with UK division but like—I get it. It’s a business.

Apparently it’s only for the top stars they’re pushing though like British Strong Style, Mark Andrews, Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley and a few others. That said, a ripple effect is inevitable

And yah, WALTER is no surprise. He’s arguably the hottest talent in the UK right now. He’s a good get.


I’m surprised they managed to sign WALTER. The guy didn’t want to be away from home which is why he never signed any major deals.


They probably signed him specifically to bolster the NXT UK Roster and gave him the kind of contract he wanted. WWE is a lot more open to flexible contracts these days (well, sorta)

Edit: Just read the synopsis for RAW tonight. Since Braun is injured they’re going back to Balor vs. Corbin. Because we all loved seeing that feud for almost 6 months.



Is it me…or did No Way Jose get fatter?


Legit forgot he was employed


Alexa is hotter without her wrestling gear.


Iunno man. When she was in NXT and rocked the Freddy Krueger gear I felt things.

Much better than her Harley gimmick


Damn I never saw that.

Separate topic, I think your opinion has influenced me on ember moon. Everytime she comes out…She’s just so blah.


edit: Someone needs to sit down and talk to Ronda about not getting sensitive with fan reactions. She is way too effected with how the crowd responds to her.

Side note. The becky/Ronda twitter war is far more entertaining than raw itself.


Yeah. Super pretty and extra thicc but boring as fuck in the ring and her finisher is dumb.


She’s very ugly to look at.




Eh he will be in nxt uk

I think Walter with a nutritionist could be what they wanted kozlov to be


New season of Edge and Christian is legend…


lol so hes cindy from the boondocks?


Ring gear is not a gimmick.