The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


For her “stories” right… :wink:


I follow a bunch of Japanese idols and joshi wrestlers on insta for research purposes.


Yeah…what else is there?


Kayla Braxton is top tier
Kayla Braxton (Becker) (@kaylabraxtonwwe ): Sultry AF


I’m just now catching up on this thread, but whoa, you were at Takeover and SS too!?

Oh yeah, Becky and non-wrestling attire Alexa :heart_eyes:


Just takeover was such a good show and was so happy it ended at 730

Way better experience than those pwg shows that went passed 1


WWE2K19 Mo-Cap talent…alot of interesting names.


Lol @ colt cabana (Scott Colton) doing mocap for WWE. That’s fucking hilarious to me.


Yeah, Takeover was very good. SS was sufficiently entertaining, but man, it was long.


He been doing mocap since svr06

Cobb, ricochet and Trent baretta been doing it since 2k10


I’m aware. But knowing everything that has happened between them in recent years makes it super funny to me.


It’s really not. Cobana is dealing with 2K when doing his mocap work not WWE directly. Jakks Pacific managed to release figures on guys who had bad blood with the company by having those guys deal with them not WWE.


Amazing Red really hasn’t had the best of luck…


holy shit…what gypsy and black cat did red beat up?


I usually don’t give what Bischoff says much thought but this is an interesting take


All 3 major companies?

Is he saying wwe and new japan came calling? Who is number 3? Maybe cmll

Red would have been okay for 205live.

But the roster is pretty deep


Congrats to them…


I don’t give a tupenny fuck about a wrestler’s love life unless it’s an angle. You know, like Vince and Stephanie.


Are you interested in a love angle between Vince and Steph??

You sick fuck.


As someone who knows @Yuna irl, that’s more-or-less a compliment. Like, they fully embrace their odd and/or questionable sexual proclivities. It’s okay though because I still love them very much.

I just worry sometimes.
See: A lot.