The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


I was being sarcastic, y’all. Christ.


I’m not wrong tho.


Not even a little bit wrong. I’m basically the female Million.


Nnnnnnn at Kimber Lee becoming a hardcore vegan…why you comparing veganism to slavery?


Cause she dumb


Apparently WWE is moving the NXT Takeover during WM weekend to Friday as compared to the traditional Saturday. Some are saying it’s because they don’t want to compete with ROH’s MGS show happening the same night and some are saying it’s a move specifically asked for by FOX officials.

No one really knows for sure.


Jake does a perfect Macho Man imitation!!!


They better find a way to keep the HOF short then…


@Geese_Pants They’re moving the HOF Ceremony to saturday night.

Shakin’ Things up, brother.


… don’t want.


I don’t want that either.


WWE 2k19 is $30 at work and with my discount I can get it for under $25.

Super tempting but like, I honestly don’t believe there has been a good wwe game since the Smackdown vs. RAW series. The roster is there but the lack of real modes and shallow gameplay fucking kill it for me

WWE All-Stars was a fucking phenomal title but it’s not a mainline game like the SvR game were and 2k games currently are,


Osprey vs PAC announced for RevPro next year
It’s going to be a fucking spot money car crash. I can’t wait


WWE All Stars is utter fucking brilliance. MM me one of these days. I main Morrison and second Taker.


I didn’t know…

Bray Wyatt defeated Baron Corbin in dark match @Starrcade (2018)


In other news:

Didn’t know they hve belts too:




WWE releases their MotY list for 2018 and turns it into a playlist collection for the network.





Hogan needs to go the fuck away. Fucking racist and casual incest enthusiast.


Sounds like a Real American!