The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


I love how Mean Gene didn’t take any shit.



From looking around the net, there doesn’t seem to be anything too bad so far. At least, not compared to the Paige leaks from awhile back.

That said, I hope that this doesn’t put a dent in her career, or discourage her.


She nuked her twitter so she won’t have an online presence for a while. Paige had a worse leaks and she still has her job. I doubt it will effect her career.


It was just her fingering herself no faces or sound

Ric Flair should be played by steve carrel

I love passive aggressive disingenuous heels

The Good Guy Tama Tonga is so much potential






It is rumored that there is more. Your pants still has hope.


At a wrestlekingdom panel at magfest and we have pancakes. Yes its 3am lmfao


I will laugh if Cody retains…


No laughing for you I guess.


Wtf was that ending??


The ace wins and everyone goes home happy


Oh wow…that’s a shame


It was the ringpost that ko’d him

That elbow was worked




Sure. Why not.


I’m SUPER excited for this. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nigel. He’s my favorite ROH champion. His feud with Daniel Bryan when he was the ROH Pure Wrestling champion and Daniel Bryan was ROH champion was awesome too. One of my favorite feuds.

Still sad we never got to see him wrestle in a wwe ring. I was so excited when he got signed with Bryan but he failed almost every physical he took because for like 90% of his ROH run he had some sort of injury. His entire ROH World champion run he wrestled with a dislocated shoulder on one shoulder and a torn shoulder muscle in the other. Didn’t stop him though. Dude was a fucking machine and everything he did was so god damn clean looking.

I’m glad his in the WWE now though as a commentator. He’s pretty good at him. Mauro, Vic Joseph, Corey Graves and Nigel are amazing play by play guys. Corey not so much these days but his nxt run as color commentator is easily his best body of work.


Xavier woods is at magfest and hes def tryin to fuck some bitches


I bet he’s going after girls in cosplay too. The lowest hanging of fruit of con girls.