The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


Peyton Royce is so fkn hot.
Like what were 10’s are now 9’s, and 9’s are now 8s.


Wait…no Rusev Day?


Either way it’s going to be a squash match.


Rusev is saved!


Yeah that wouldn’t have helped Taker and Rusev doesn’t need squashing, glad they rethought that.


I’m sure it’s a little disappointing to Rusev because who in the wwe doesn’t want to wrestle undertaker? But at the same time…no fan of Rusev wants to see Rusev be served to taker. It’s a mixed bag



An Article…

:joy: @ Lana changing the casket match.


I completely agree with this. Roman gets such a bum rap and he’s not a bad wrestler at all.


There’s just one issue. Roman is a grown man, and he needs to stand up for himself. If he really wants to be the top guy in the company, he has to show that he can shoot down dumb shit and stand up to creative.


It’s not even about Roman’s wrestling ability. Vince is stubbornness in making him the top guy over who the fans want is what getting him shitted on. That’s on top of his character being completely unlikable. The company handling of Reigns made him poison to fans


I want to see Nicholas in NXT someday.


Well Nicholas is reportedly referee John Cone’s son…so you never know.

Oh wow.


Look what happened to neville

Roman could up and leave, fuck take the usos with him to new japan. That would be great.

But his family is tied to wwe. Afa & Sika were vince’s bodyguards back in the day. They were found by pat patterson.

Basically from rock’s grandpa to snuka to yoko to rock/rikishi to umaga to the tons of samoans right now like even vanessa borne and sean maluta. That family owes their living to wwe.

In nxt they breed yes men. Also shield together had each other’s back and shot shit down.

That’s why the separated them. That is why ambrose and reigns became generic ambivalent jerkwad faces

What everyone wants is Roman to get the same freedom the usos got. The samw character evolution

Imagine reigns drops the stupid vest. Dresses more hood, and talks ebonics. With jimmy and jey as his hype men. That is money heel or face.

Want Roman on smackdown away from raw.


Roman doesn’t need to threaten to leave, just stick up for himself. It’s something he only seemed willing to do with the backup of the Shield. Together they turned down shitty programs.


it more has to do with vince’s hardon for lesnar. All of this came down to the wire due to contract negotiations with lesnar.


Future hall of famer…


Ratings for Mania Weekend out.

Both the NA Ladder match and Gargano/Ciampa got 5*. That’s two straight for Gargano on Takeovers.

In other ratings, he vastly overrated Omega/Cody and vastly underrated Castle/Scurll (and I didn’t even like the match that much) on Supercard of Honor.


Of course Meltzer would resume his pitch for WWE to sign Tessa Blanchard…even though she is known to have attitude problems backstage.


I’m only gonna say this one more time, and then I’ll shut up about it: Lesnar is cancer. He adds nothing of value to WWE that couldn’t be done much better by someone who actually wants to wrestle. He’s a whiny, egotistical prima donna and the program is significantly worse both for his presence and for Vince’s obsession with this particular big sweaty man.

I feel like only Rollins has come out of their separation on top. Yeah, Reigns gets top billing, but he’s also the pariah of the fanbase and apparently is getting constantly set up to fail.