The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: Fast Lane 3/10 - NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemnaia 35 4/7


By God, he looks broken in half.

I didn’t think the Kairi match was that bad. I did expect more because of their evolution match but it not too much of a piss off for me. Solid show nevertheless.


this shit was the best match of the night for me.


FUCKING WAR RAIDERS!!! :flushed::dizzy_face:





Ricochet almost overshot that double moonsault too.


survivor series will not be good


Went live it was so good

Velveteen was the most over man. I knew ciampa would win

Hansen is a cardio freak.

UE are so good as heels. Kyle chair guitar

Black was so good.

Kairi, Dakota, io mmmm

The preshow matches were nice squashes

Crowd was loud af

I want to see Bludgeons vs War Machine vs AoP seriously


I just realized Velveteen was that black dude from tough enough. Awesome to see him having success. He’s one of the best talents in today’s modern era.




Dream is a treasure. He’s a future world champ. He’s everything wwe wants in a super star. Great look, oozes charisma, connects with the fans with little to no effort, amazing in the ring, especially for how young he is. He’ll be a top guy for sure.



I lost it.


i enjoyed Nia Jax being shitted on the entire match.


Man I wanted Shinsuke to win >_>
Though they dont care about him anyways

R-Truth staying godlyk


enzo being kicked out of survivor series is something else.

stay being a piece of shit enzo


Why…ugh poor Drake


I don’t understand how parallel NXT is from WWE. WarGames II was awesome and Survivor Series has been a fucking shit show. So far the only highlights have been Nia being booed into oblivion and Enzo getting kicked out of the arena.


It was a huge disappointment… however that match was awesome.

Also, it’s hard not to get aroused when Mandy is in the ring wrestling. I could not take the close ups to her ass and she looked tapping out.


the whole SS feels like a complete botch honestly, it’s like they really changed so much writing after Tuesday.


this survivor series is gaaaaarrrrbbbaaagggeee


so joe is a jobber now? I haven’t been keeping up with him.