The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


Ray Rougeau is jumping around with happiness right now, with a roll of coins in his right hand.


Ir injecting poor matilda with steroids and other drugs

Dude was bad


I remember how happy people were to learn he had to be in a wheelchair 20 years ago.


BTW. I don’t want a draft next year… much more, i am totally against Becky going to Raw because i think that is the land where everyone fades into obscurity and boring-ness. I love the current roster of SD and I hope to have 1 more year of this. The only thing that should change in terms of roster is NXT call ups (Valveteen Dream, Nikki Cross being my top hopes for SD), and also fixing Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

Raw needs to make up what they did to their talents. They have Dolph, Fin Balor, Titus, Elias, Ruby, Sasha, Bayley, Bliss, and other names they can work with. They should just hire new writers and improve the current (non big person) talents they have.


Titus? You must mean your fellow african apollo


…the man.


Heel Bryan is best Bryan.

Edit: He’s not wrong. Dynamite was a piece of shit out of the ring (in his book he even admits as such) but the dude was a pioneer in the land of giants


He’s an example of what black people should be. I still feel bad for the shit vince gave him with that shove so i’m hoping this guy gets some good karma in his career because I believe he deserves it.


Titus is a great PR guy. He is drizzling shits in every other department though.


Titus sucks so much

He does not have anything beyond size

Baron Corbin is more credible


Unrelated but not since he’s always with Titus I wish they would have given Apollo more time to grow in NXT. His Indy work was fucking amazing when he was Uhaa Nation. That said his promo game was and still is fucking horrible. He needs to not be smiley black man all the time and learn how to be aggressive and learn how to cut a promo instead of being a charisma vacuum like Lashley


Titus strikes me as a guy who knows he is the type of guy who is already a senior level position yet is still getting entry-level pay and that everyone sees him as as a common joe and would often refer to him as “the big black bald guy” because no one cares to remember him. Nevertheless he is still going to be a good, well spoken, hard workin, and inspiring dude.


A nice idea…


Stephanie thought of this.

She also created the female gender.


I would be okay if they made the QOTR a brand exclusive thing (preferably SD) and the MITB a exclusive to the other heck bring back KOTR also. It sucks though because this is where split PPVs would help and flesh out the qualifying matches and help some of the guys and gals get some shine.


Condolences to the Hennig family…


So… Do you guys consider Tessa Blanchard hot?
Or just under the neck?


Tessa is definitely hot all over.


I dig her physique…

The dedication she puts in her craft…I believe she would been great in WWE.

Still Tessa is doing well on impact. Her vs. Jordynne Grace will be a slobberknocker.


Orton is brutal on Twitter. Bless him. :clap:t2: