The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


Warning…no Kayfabe.


She looks like a chick i banged but white





Pretty sad when we like the backstage chicks more than the ones in the ring lol

With that being said


theres a whole gawd damn video




There are rumors about her not being “cleared”. I am aware Becky dismissed it in her twitter but I sort of think that they are using this as a prelude to her upcoming lose in TLC. Becky right now isn’t just getting herself over, but she has greatly effected other wrestlers in her division. Nia’s heat from the “facebreaking” shit was just so massive but it has died out as shown last week. No one cares about what she did anymore.

So i think, Becky will lose the title at TLC. She will either black out because she “is still hurt” (or nia comes and costs her the title). Asuka wins, and Charlotte gets so pissed that she goes psycho again and just brutalizes both Asuka and Becky. Charlotte now gets a huge push as heel, Asuka is now pushed being the first female jap champion, and Nia is hated again because she is the root of Becky’s loss.

Becky is out for a while because of her “injury” but in reality it’s just to keep Becky fresh. She could get too over exposed if she remains champion which possibly be negative; so as Becky is gone, fans will want more of her… and during this time other girls are stepping up. Rumble comes in, Becky returns, wins the Rumble and then we have her vs Ronda at WM. Becky becomes Raw champ, Ronda moves to SD and starts her feud with Asuka and Charlotte.


I think Ronda will lose the Raw women’s title…then win next year’s RR…then chooses to face Becky at WM.

Fox wants Ronda at Smackdown…


Bruh, that video is Godlike.


I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Good thing is that means Becky stays at SD. I strongly don’t want her on Raw, infact, i don’t want the SD roster right now to change.

Bad thing is, Ronda beats becky for the title at WM.


Pretty good article about Dynamite


Dynamite kid vs Tigermask should be in the top 1-2 wrestling matches of all time. It’s by far the most underrated since it never gets mentioned.


It always gets mentioned it is the first 5 star match

Nobody underrates if


Women of Wrestling coming January 2019…


I think it’s more that the new generation just hasn’t been exposed to those early classic matches. I’ve watched those old matches plus I always enjoyed the Malenkos matches back in the day as well.


I think it’s because the Netflixh show about it is doing so well, so yeah, why not bring back GLOW?

In other news:


Apparently Big Cass had a pretty violent seizure tonight at the House of Hardcore show in philly during his meet and greet. He’s at a near by hospital right now being evaluated.


Hope Cass is ok. He’s been on quite the downward spiral the last few years.


I would be too if someone as fine as Carmella dumped me