The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


And to think all this women’s division in New Japan talk started with someone within WWE (Chelsea Green) saying some stupid shit on twitter.


I think the best Lesnar match is versus Goldberg at Survivor Series. I just wish he’d broken his neck, but I don’t think he has one.


You are doing a disservice to yourself by watching only recent Lesnar. When he first debuted he was a wrestling machine. He was putting on Classics with everyone. Everything he did looked legit and devastating.

He also had the best match in smackdown history with Kurt angle on what was pretty much a throw away show. Heyman had the book at the time and booked it because he could.


Lesnar was putting on clinics on Smackdown during that time. He’s a good match he had with Benoit

Greatest squash match ever


I remember watching that hoping Kurt would tie it up especially since they said SD would keep going past it’s alloted time until there was a clear winner.




Lesnar had awesome matches with everybody

I really want to see Lesnar vs Lashley at the rumble

Just because


Lashley isn’t even in the same league as lesnar.


I never understood the appeal of that so-called “dream match”. Lashley was never special…and he still isn’t.


Same. He’s just a big black dude. Despite his size and build he has pretty much zero presence, Zero charisma, can barely wrestle, no real psychology or emotion in anything he does, absolute shit on the mic. I could go on,

The only reason his tna run was “good” was because he was so protected and constantly had people do the story telling for him. Whether it was his opponents like Eddy edwards or someone he was friends with like MVP


Although I will agree that Brock will only “step up” if he deems his opponent worthy, kinda like Akuma. His match with DB showed that Brock IS still capable of putting on a good match. The problem is putting him against someone worth a damn. If you’re gonna keep throwing Roman and Strowman at him, I doubt Brock is gonna put much effort into it.


Pretty much. They should have pulled the trigger on Braun when they faced each other the second time on ppv (I can’t remember which ppv it was. I think crown jewel?)


I don’t think Brock is very fond of Braun, anyway…

He literally told him to “slow the fuck down” LOL!


Braun is lucky Lesnar didn’t truly shoot on him. Dude would have been dead. That said, in Brauns defense he was suuuuuuper green back then and was likely nervous and anxious as shit to be in the position he was in. Especially rubbing shoulders with the people he was being involved with. That royal rumble Braun and the Braun of today are two completely different creatures


The intrigue with Lashley is siZe and the whole is it a shoot or work because lashley can stand up to lesnar

This whole ass slapping chickenshit heel lashley schtick is misusing him completely

He can cut promos. He looks like a killer.

I still want to see big e pushed hard

Big E vs Daniel Bryan for the belt please


He really can’t cut promos. Lashley is just kind of a big dud in general.


Lashley doesn’t need to cut promos. He got Lio Rush for that.


Lio Rush is fucking obnoxious though. And not In he’s being an obnoxious heel way but in a “I don’t want him on my tv” way.


There are two kinds of obnoxious heels: the ones you want to see get punished for their crimes and the ones you want to just fuck off forever. Lio Rush is the latter. Other recent examples include Carmella in her champ phase and Bianca Belair any time she opens her obnoxious fucking mouth.


Bianca Belair is a fucking treasure, Elsa. Shut your whore mouth.