The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


Born again Christians are usually ass holes who realize theyre assholes so they “turn to god for forgiveness” and are “reborn” as a better person/better Christian.

See: Vince Russo is a born again Christian.


Also See: Shawn Michaels


I think he became a born again Christian after he came back from his back injury at WM14? It mau have been before then. I legit don’t remember. I just remember reading in pretty much every wrestlers book who was around during that time that everyone thought it was absolute bull shit.


New year…new wrestling promotion.


Pretty sure it was around then, yeah.

But yes, it’s basically a way for jerks and assholes to absolve themselves of being jerks and assholes and have no one question them.


Omega and Tanahashi going to set the bar.

I think Shibata or Sanada wins new japan cup

Sanada going to be pushed hard because his hair is growing looooong

Going to say Ishii vs ZSJ should be the sprint of the night


The man is still recovering from his career ending injures and you think he’ll win New Japan Cup?


It’s likely that it’s because they’ve had pretty much 2 years to establish them as top card guys but Dunne and Mustache Mountain are on an entirely different level than the rest of the UK guys in almost every department. It’s wild. The rest of the roster just seem like they’re there for the sake of being there. Except Zack Gibson. The fans fucking hate Zack Gibson. I have no idea why but I fucking love it. Lol.


I hope Zack Gibson gets a WWE UK title run…he knows how to get the crowd going.


Wait wut? Shibata is back wrestling??!


No. Daboog is being dumb.


Par for the course, honestly.


Omega to WWE win both titles!!!

LOOOL, just noticed… color inverted…


We welcome the new dream…


Jacksonville Jaguars owner Tony Khan is head money mark.

Cody Rhodes will be executive producer of all AEW shows…rest of the elite will be agents/bookers.

They coming…



Scorpio is one od my boys. He says shibata is good to go. Mostly because dude has been bumping and did a lot of therapy.

Dude said shibata is just waiting to be booked


Scorpio is not a doctor. Shibata is the head trainer of New Japan’s dojo in Cali. If he’s bumping it’s likely for teaching purposes.




If he says something like that it is usually because it is happening.

He didnt say shit about aew. I also didn’t ask him. But dude has been on another level at the gym since he got the coach gig with new japan.

Shibata will comeback if he is bumping.