The Wrestling Thread v.2018 Part FICKLE: NXT Takeover: New York 4/5 - Wrestlemania 35 4/7


Well he has that Paige video so he definetly has some rep points?


Lmfao yeah my peoples ran into him in the hotel. He was drunk talking about getting bitches.


Isn’t he married with a kid too? Sleazy.


Xavier is not a good person.

Wrestlers are usually not good people


Just walked by him, he a def blitzed out of his mind


Holy shit lij just got stomped out by suzuki gun


Gee that doesn’t seem exploitive or shady at all.





In 2012, when Kelly was 14 she was part of season one of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on the episode “14 and Looking for Mr. Right” where she was the main focus in the episode


What the actual fuck. that is actually gross.


@StuartHayden not that it prob matters but update on xavier is hes in an open relationship. So his thot life is acceptable to his partner.


Good on him I guess.


An update on the reason why this happened: Michael Cole. He’s a huge fan of McAfees commentary he provides in the NFL and he’s just a fan of his personality in general. How excited he gets, how over the top he is, now he carries himself, pretty much everything.

Since Michael Cole is commentary director for wwe (meaning he produces everything for all the commentators. Even In NXT) he used his position and clout in the company to get McAfee signed.

That said, McAfee recently said on a podcast a few days ago that due to holidays and other commitments the contract hasn’t been “officially” signed but a hand shake deal has been made.


For those who think it’s a double standard when it comes to female wrestlers doing gross things…

Joey Ryan’s dong style is gross
Sami Callihan glob spitting at people is gross

None of that shit I enjoy.


Joey Ryan’s whole gimmick is disgusting. I mean; I get it, that’s the whole point. He’s a king of sleaze, king of dong style, among several other things. I just don’t know how something so stupid and gross got insanely over. The cock Druid’s or whatever they were called at All In was so god damn cringe worthy.

As for Sami Callihan. When he was in dragon gate USA he was the leader of a stable called “Dirty Ugly Fucks” and all their promos and vignettes were them doing gross stuff like haulking loogies, spitting chew, chugging beer (pbr specifically because at the time his stable mate Arik Cannon was actually sponsored by them) and saying some really awkward and disgusting stuff.


Joey Ryan I get. He’s essentially a mediocre worker turned sophomoric comedy wrestler. Good in the right doses, but unbearable in the wrong amounts. Sami on the other hand is the tryhard edgelord supreme who is stuck in CZW zeitgeist era.


I use to be such a huge Sami mark but after talking to him on FB and him stiffing me out of $100 from t-shirts I ordered from him he kinda fell out of favor with me. I remember asking him about the shirts (it had been almost 3 months since I bought the shirts) and seconds after the message was marked as read he blocked me on FB.

I was still excited when he was signed to WWE for whatever reason but his run was fucking awful. Everything post wwe has been him openly showing to the world the fact he’s a piece of shit.

I know he started his own promotion as soon as he got out of WWE called Pro Wrestling Revolver. They did a bunch of partner shows with Tommy Dreamers house of hardcore. I don’t know if it’s still around though?


It’s still around…mainly has Sami’s clique.

They did a few stuff with Impact on twitch.

I also was supportive of Sami getting signed by WWE…but dude fell off and gained weight like Kimber Lee’s wwe run.

Of course…blame WWE management.


I mean, wwe did book him horribly. The hacker gimmick was DOA and he appeared on nxt very infrequently and when he was on nxt he’d usually lose. His claim to fame in nxt was when he teamed with Neville In the first Dusfy Cup.


I feel like I’ve seen Joey Ryan photoshopped onto every indy flyer this year. Dude gets around on that dick joke. I can’t be mad at that hustle.

Callahan is hella cringe at all levels. Celebration wires.